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Meet AvePoint: Spotlight on the HR Department

AvePoint has seen an amazing amount of growth in recent years — and integral to that growth is, of course, our Human Resources department. They’ve been essential in building our AvePoint team, which has grown since 2001 by over 600% (yes, that’s right 600%!), and it only seems fitting that our first “Meet AvePoint” profile is dedicated to them. We’ve rounded up a few members of our HR department and sat them down to interrogate them. So, let’s get to it!

Q: So, tell me, what kind of people does AvePoint look for when searching for talent?

Wendy Yeh, VP of Human Resources at AvePoint had this to say: “We look for the kind of people that enjoy challenges, welcomes change, are driven for success, and have a “work hard, play hard” attitude!”

Amanda Zabriski, our HR Administrator, says: “One thing that we look for in candidates is whether they will fit in with our corporate culture. We always take time to find the right fit, and while it may take longer to fill one position over another, or reach our ideal employee count, we know we’ll get there in good time.”

Q: One of the things we pride ourselves of here at AvePoint is our culture. As a department, how have you managed to keep the atmosphere fun and innovative?

“It’s important for us to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication our employees give day in and day out.” Jessica Heighway, our Recruiting Manager said. “We are fond believers of team-building activities and giving back to the community as a company.”

HR Manager, Angela Wang added: “AvePoint teams work much like a family; to cultivate a healthy and happy familial relationship, innovation and fun are the keys. We’ve worked hard to establish seasonal team-building events where the results last well beyond the outcome of the team exercises. We like to create opportunities for AvePoint teams to get to know each other better and build a strong culture of collaboration.”

Q: The growth of the company has created some very unique challenges for our HR team. How have you guys been able to accommodate the demands of the various departments?

Wendy answered: “Every time we open a regional office or double (triple!) our number of employees, we have new employment laws to learn, new compliances to meet, new people to train, new benefits to add, and new changes to manage! The HR team thrives under this pressure of rapid growth because we know it’s our job to bring in and keep the talents which ultimately is what makes our business a successful one. Every day is a learning experience for us, and we welcome the challenge to keep growing so we can keep studying and practicing our best to make this place amazing!”

A big thanks to the members of our Human Resources team for taking time out of their extremely busy days to talk to us! If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, click here to view our careers page and apply today!

Keep an eye out for the next “Meet AvePoint” post, and meet some more of our team.

Brent Middleton
Brent Middleton
As the former Content Marketing Specialist for AvePoint, Brent led the strategy and direction of all AvePoint's blog properties.


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