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Looking for SharePoint Success? AvePoint is on the Case

With more than 8,000 customers across the globe and a decade of complete dedication to SharePoint, you can bet that we have quite a few success stories to tell here at AvePoint. Whether a customer is looking to migrate to the latest version of the platform or simply deliver the protection their vital business data requires, each scenario is unique. While some businesses experience similar challenges and common threads run through stories, one aspect remains exactly the same: AvePoint has the solution.

Many of our customers are happy to share their stories, and for that purpose we have a special Case Study page on our website. There you can find stories from different industries and different countries with different problems and different solutions. Yet all have one common goal: SharePoint success.

Here are some highlights from some of our must recently published case studies:

· Husky Injection Molding Systems utilized partner imason’s services and DocAve Migrator to successfully upgrade its entire global SharePoint deployment, which consisted of four separate legacy versions of the platform, to SharePoint 2010.

· Helix Energy Solutions engages DocAve Replicator to transmit the most up-to-date documentation via SharePoint to its off-shore vessels across the globe, helping alleviate the need to fax or use helicopter transportation.

· For the first time ever, River East Transcona School Division employees can access file share content from home through SharePoint without using flash drives or email thanks to DocAve File Share Connector.

· Park Nicollet slashed recovery time necessary to restore individual SharePoint components from hours to mere minutes with DocAve Backup and Restore while meeting the health industry’s stringent compliance objectives with help from DocAve Auditor.

And that’s just a small taste. As of this writing, we have more than 40 case studies available for your perusal with new ones added on a regular basis. Use our convenient sorting tabs to find the exact stories you want to read by industry, product, and region. You can even submit your own customer success story on the site.

Want to stay in the loop as new customer case studies are published? Follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Who knows, the next story we tell might be the one that gives you the exact idea you need to maximize the value of your own deployment.

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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