It Takes a Village: Supporting the Global SharePoint Community

Post Date: 11/22/2011
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SharePoint in itself is a platform which has been adopted like wildfire worldwide, touting millions of users. However, the SharePoint community – the group of end-users, product managers, ISVs, journalists, analysts, MVPs, and other influencers who play a critical role in the popularity of the platform – is very close knit in nature. (Check out an interesting read from journalist Barb Mosher in CMSWire on the SharePoint community.) Bearing this in mind, we at AvePoint are extremely excited about our two honors this year from leading industry publication Windows IT Pro – our flagship solution, the DocAve Software Platform, named a Community Choice Awards 2011 winner, and DocAve Deployment Manager named as an Editors’ Best Choice Award winner. Visit our News Center for more information on the specific honors. This is not the first time our company received honors for its products and performance – and that’s important. You see, to give a bit of background, I’ve worked with AvePoint since it was one of Microsoft’s first partners for Tahoe (the code name for the first iteration of SharePoint in 2001), right at the beginning of the company’s existence. I’ve witnessed firsthand its dedication and passion for tirelessly improving its products, services, and scope to ensure it is best serving the (now) global SharePoint community throughout the last 10 years. In my new role as AvePoint’s Vice President of Global Marketing, I’m charged with leading AvePoint’s global marketing and business development initiatives. A large part of fulfilling that mission is ensuring we continue to support and serve the global SharePoint community. Whether that means our regular attendance at SharePoint Saturdays, SharePoint User Groups, and the larger events such as Microsoft SharePoint Conference, or bringing together our three SharePoint MVPs on staff to deliver a webinar series on SharePoint proven practices, everything we do here – and everything we will continue to do – at AvePoint is meant to help the SharePoint community derive the maximum value of their SharePoint deployments. While gratifying, we do not take these honors as any excuse to rest on our laurels. Whether its blog posts on community sites such as this one, on-the-scene videos at industry events, tweeting and “Facebooking” events as they unfold, or white papers written by our SharePoint MVPs, we’re continuing to look for more ways to engage you. My team has heard me say the old adage, “It takes a village,” and I truly believe that. A big part of being a member in a community is to propone positivity, support each other, and have a high-standard for ethics on how one does business. This is a competitive marketplace with a downturn economy, and everything each of us does influences our customers’ and partners’ choices – and they are watching. We are thrilled to have received our two awards from Penton, and we will continue to strive for excellence in both our products’ image and messaging in the marketplace. As we plan for 2012, I look forward to more interactions with you, to share a multitude of new programs, and to open a dialogue for how we can continue to best serve you, the members of the Global SharePoint community. What programs or campaigns from AvePoint would help you with your goals? ​ ​
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