Help Ex pand Broadband Internet Access to Underserved Communities in the US

Post Date: 09/01/2017
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The internet – a virtual limitless repository of information, entertainment, commercial opportunities, and more. If you want to learn, watch, or buy something, where is the first place you typically start? The internet, right? The advent of the internet has been likely the most significant technological development of our lifetime, but for some, quick and reliable internet service remains elusive.

For those who live in rural areas, readily available and affordable access to the world wide web has been more of a challenge. Typically, fewer commercial resources exist as they do in big cities. Internet providers are more equipped to service residents in big cities. 34 million residents across the country have no internet access.

According to research from The Pew Research Center, U.S. rural homes have broadband internet at a rate 10 percent lower than the national average (63% to 73%). Check out more data from that study here.  Providing uniform, well-performing internet service to these spread-out areas is much more involved. However, recent support of getting rural areas reliable internet access has resurfaced before the FCC. Voices for Innovation (VFI) submitted a letter to the FCC that outlines TV white spaces as a solution and lists benefits of its use to these communities. From improvements to governmental services, to helping independent business owners, reliable internet access is a tremendous asset to all.

Microsoft’s VFI initiative is indicative of the more mainstream attention that this issue is receiving. Here at AvePoint, we’re on board as well. We believe that anybody with a thirst for knowledge should have access to reliable, affordable internet. Where people live shouldn’t mean being denied the ability to tap into the benefits the internet provides.

Read more about why VFI is urging the FCC to use the TV white spaces technology. Then, join us in support by adding your name to the joint letter to the FCC.

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