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Girls’Day at AvePoint Deutschland

On April 25, 2013, the AvePoint Munich Office hosted Girls’Day for the second consecutive year. Every year in April, enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centers are invited to organize an open day for girls. This event is a large governmental campaign in which a wide range of professions and activities are presented to girls ages 10 and up. By actively taking part in Girls’Day, girls are motivated and encouraged to seize their career options and decide in favor of a qualified vocational training or degree. Quite often they learn about occupations in professional fields and occupations that, in the past, were not as common for women to be a part of.

At AvePoint we had 5 girls (between ages 11-15) in attendance throughout the day. After picking up the girls and bringing them to the office, a short introduction to our company was made followed by presentations from the girls about themselves and their career aspirations.

Afterward, a colleague from each department made a presentation about his or her daily work – including representatives from sales, marketing and technical departments. Special thanks to Marketing Manager Lisa Breinlinger, Senior Sales/System Engineer Michael Denzler, Senior EPG Account Executive Florian Huber, and Director of Technical Services Ernst Hutsteiner for giving compelling and exciting presentations on their roles at AvePoint.

Following a nice lunch on the terrace of a nearby restaurant in the midst of some great weather, the girls were able to watch a live software demo from Michael Denzler, showing how we present our products to prospective customers. Michael even showed the girls how to produce a QR code, explained how it’s used, and taught them basics of the HTML language. The girls walked away at the end of the day with lots of knowledge about AvePoint, enterprise collaboration, and the technology field in general.

Girls’Day is a wonderful opportunity to inform future generations of females in the workforce about the wide variety of career options available to them and show how they can continue to break down barriers in fields that have been more traditionally male-dominated. Additionally, organizations that participate can expect a positive influence on their culture and increased awareness about equality issues in today’s workplace.

In addition to Germany, ten other European countries participate in Girls’Day, including Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. The event has been a great experience for AvePoint, so I encourage our partners, customers, and related organizations throughout participating countries to join this initiative and to welcome these bright young girls into our IT world!


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