AvePoint and Microsoft: Partnering for Success #WPC15

Post Date: 07/10/2015
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Since the company’s founding in 2001, AvePoint has enjoyed working closely with Microsoft to deliver innovative enterprise collaboration solutions for customers. Together, we help organizations worldwide improve business productivity and realize their goals using Microsoft technologies.

As a testament to our dedication to enabling collaboration, AvePoint will attend this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to connect with the Microsoft partner ecosystem and accept the 2015 Partner of the Year Award for Collaboration and Content. In anticipation of the big conference taking place next week in Orlando, we asked our team members who will be in attendance: “What does AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft mean to you?”

Some spoke about how the partnership allows both companies to drive business and succeed together:

"As a Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, I appreciate the global engagement and joint success with Microsoft's regional teams. True partnership is winning together."

“Microsoft have provided me a career of almost 20 years. To me, partnering with Microsoft means opportunity, excitement, and making a real difference in the way people work in modern business together.”"AvePoint's partnership with Microsoft means having prime access to some of the brightest minds in the industry to help us drive our business forward quickly."“In this day and age where our lives are led by technology, the ability to partner with some of Microsoft’s best and brightest becomes a very integral part of our connectivity and interactions.”“AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft means insight and understanding into how our joint customers are using technology to drive business.”“AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft means symbiosis. We benefit each other.”

Others looked to the future, talking about how the two companies will continue to deliver new technology as the cloud becomes more prevalent in enterprise collaboration:

“AvePoint and Microsoft work hand in hand to showcase to customers new ways of collaboration and removing barriers to cloud adoption.”

“AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft ensures that we can continue to meet the changing needs of users worldwide in stride with releases from Microsoft. Our tools and team help customers make the transition to SharePoint v-next, Office 365, and Azure easier, quicker, and smarter.” “Working with the Microsoft teams helps us build better solutions for our customers, addressing gaps with partner solutions in this mobile first, cloud first world.”

A few brought attention to both companies’ abilities to create innovative solutions and bring collaboration to the next level:

“Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to be the catalyst of business transformation and deliver relevant solutions at the speed of now!” “AvePoint and Microsoft have always worked together in helping organizations move past the traditional barriers of next level enterprise collaboration.”"AvePoint's partnership with Microsoft means working side by side toward the same goal, helping organizations increase productivity and connect people across different platforms and devices by taking enterprise collaboration tools to the next level."

Last, but certainly not least, some of our team highlighted how the partnership yields effective, problem-solving solutions for customers:

“Microsoft partnership means having a reliable platform to use when solving problems at a competitive cost and high impact to our customers.”"AvePoint's partnership with Microsoft means access to the teams and people that will help us discover, build, and deliver the right solutions for our mutual customers."“AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft means a collaborative innovation framework. Together, we can transform local and federal government engagement for the benefit of all citizens.”

"The partnership with Microsoft allows us to leverage Microsoft's leading technology to provide innovative business solutions to our customers."

To read more about our history as a Microsoft partner, please visit our website.

Attending WPC? Join AvePoint at booth #1011 to meet with our team and read our blog post for more details on our activities planned around the event.

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