It’s Madness: Who’s Going to Guard AvePoint Cloud Backup?

Post Date: 04/05/2019
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AvePoint dribbles, passes, and scores! It would be madness not to acknowledge college basketball as the NCAA tournament wraps up—and after all, if there’s someone who knows how to play the cloud backup game, it’s AvePoint!

We’ve had years of experience guarding Office 365 and we’re constantly working to build our insights into the product to figure out the best way to run backups. You see, you’re not just buying Backup-as-a-Service—you’re also buying into our expertise as well. The following updates reflect our expertise that’s dribbling down to you.

Performance Insights & Advanced Reporting

We’re making every effort to ensure we keep you up-to-date on the issues we’ve found in your backups. One of the biggest challenges we face—and one of the leading causes of throttling—are excessively large Office 365 sites, which result in a very high load on the underlying servers supporting the tenant.

We’ve included reports to explain slowdown or slow-running jobs to your users (especially following a large migration or bulk updates)!

Interested to learn more about throttling, why it happens, and what we’re doing to avoid it? Check out our recently published blog.

Plus, now you have two primary options when managing your Cloud Backup licenses:

  • Protection for unlimited users for a set per-GB license
  • Protection for an unlimited amount of content in an organization for a set per-user license

This is just a quick preview of how we’re making it easier to manage your licenses. Why should you choose one or the other, or want some insight as to what may be best for you? We wrote a whole post on that too! 

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