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AvePoint Citizen Services 1.3.0

At AvePoint, we’re always looking for ways to add flexibility and options for our customers. With the release of AvePoint Citizen Services 1.3.0, we’ve done just that.

AvePoint Citizen Services was created as a multi-tenant SaaS platform that makes it easy for governments of any size to modernize their case management, improve customer satisfaction, streamline their operations, and surface deep insights about their municipality. It automates the full lifecycle of non-emergency case management from initial submission through resolution.

New Options for Storing Data

At launch, AvePoint Citizen Services was designed to leverage customers’ Dynamics 365 instances on the back-end, while providing user-friendly portals and mobile apps that serve as the interface for constituents, city workers, and field workers.

AvePoint Citizen Services Logo 1

This architecture has a lot of benefits, such as allowing us to take advantage of the power and built-in goodness of Dynamics 365 and the ability to easily create powerful integrations with Apps and features in Dynamics 365 such as Field Service and Knowledge Articles.

In this release, we expand this model by introducing two additional back-end configuration options for storing service request data:

  1. Built-in Database
  2. Bring-your-own (BYO) Azure SQL Database


Through this model, customers can choose the back-end configuration that best meets their needs.

Option 1: Dynamics Back-End Option 2: BYO Azure SQL DB Option 3: Built-in Azure SQL DBs
Existing Dynamics 365 customers, or those that are interested in leveraging the power of Dynamics 365, may opt for the original design and use Dynamics 365 as the back-end of the solution. Customers that don’t own Dynamics 365 licenses (and are not on the market for Dynamics), but still want the flexibility and security of the BYO storage model, can bring their own Azure SQL databases. Citizen Services will utilize them for service request data. Customers looking for simplicity and a turn-key experience may opt for the built-in database option. They don’t even need to think about data or databases – we’ll take care of it. Behind the scenes, we’ll provision a redundant database for each customer and manage it in our SaaS platform.

With these three choices, customers of any profile and any budget can target the option that’s right for them!

Speaking of options, we’ve just added yet another method for constituents to submit service requests to their local governments.

Announcing AvePoint Citizen Services Mobile for Android

One of the design tenants we embrace with AvePoint Citizen Services is the “no wrong door” concept. Whether your 16 year-old niece wants to submit a service request via a chatbot, or your 80 year-old grandmother wants to call in a request by phone, the platform is ready to accept their requests.

With that in mind, we’ve just opened the door to Android mobile device users. Constituents may now download the free AvePoint Citizen Services Mobile application and start engaging with their local government with a modern mobile app. Got an iPhone? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered there too.

Check back on this site soon as we’ll be posting more feature updates in the coming months. We’re just getting started!

Paul O.
Paul O.
During his tenure as Director of Product Strategy, Paul helped evolve AvePoint's market and product strategies as well as product marketing with focuses in sales enablement and product innovation for the Business Productivity portfolio. Paul has been dedicated exclusively to SharePoint since 2006 and has a special interest and deep expertise in Enterprise Search. Paul helped clients worldwide solve business problems by leveraging SharePoint and Enterprise Search, and shares his experiences with the greater SharePoint community by contributing to books, blogging at, and speaking at industry events worldwide.


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