Migrating to M365 – Make the Move from Hybrid to Cloud

Ready to go all-in? Learn ways to deliver a shift safe, supported, and on schedule.

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  • 30 min


Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint

Tom Gawczynski

VP Solutions Engineering, AvePoint

Tie up the loose ends of your cloud migration

For Microsoft customers with one foot on-prem and one in the cloud, decisions on when and how to go all-in on M365 are critically important. SharePoint and its complex structure, varied content, and decentralized security can be a particular challenge, as well as email and other content repositories.

In this Virtual Lab, you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes.

Join Ron Delaney and Tom Gawczynski as they discuss how you can assess and prove what is and has been migrated without losing the credibility of your migration project, as well as plan ahead for M365-only services.

We’ll discuss:

  • Things to plan for when completing your move to the cloud
  • How (and why) to keep the solution coverage you have
  • Improved solution coverage for cloud-only M365 services

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