Drive Good User Behavior with Cloud Governance

How to ensure users continuously keep their workspaces organized

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Drive good user behavior with cloud governance

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  • 1 Hour


Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint

Tom Gawczynski

VP Solutions Engineering, AvePoint

Keep your organization and your workspaces on the same page

For most IT departments, managing the lifecycle of workspaces (i.e., Teams, SPO Sites) is primarily focused on the provisioning and end-of-life stage - but what happens during the life of a workspace? How do you continuously keep the organization and workspaces aligned?

Join us as we walk through how Cloud Governance can automatically help business users to review their workspaces regularly, giving IT peace of mind that ownership, permissions, classification, and all other settings are up-to-date and still adhere to company policy.

Things we’ll cover in this 30 minute Virtual Lab:

  • Review of Cloud Governance Recertification and Renewals
  • Exploration of updated Renewal configuration options
  • Walkthrough of the new Renewal assignee’s experience
  • And more!

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