How To Cut Costs By Leveraging Office 365

In today’s world, reducing redundant costs is vital. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars without feeling the pain.

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Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft Regional Director & MVP and AvePoint Chief Brand Officer

Adam Levithan

Principal of Product Management, Withum Digital

Easy Wins by Doing More With Less

Spending money on multiple collaboration systems with similar functionality to please different groups of users is an artifact of the past. The license, training, and maintenance costs are too high for companies that are looking to trim the fat and run as efficiently as possible.

The extensibility of the Office 365 platform means you can deliver more for less, BUT only if you can identify, migrate, and remove redundant workloads.

Get rid of the extra license cost, lower the burden of supporting multiple applications, and simplify life for your users. It’s a win, win…win.

Join our experts as they walk you through how to get from Application A to Application B, how to manage the change to keep your users happy, and how to deliver savings and unlock value to keep your executives happy.

They will also cover how to identify and prevent unauthorized use of applications, commonly called shadow IT, that can pose a risk to the security of your company's data.

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Cost Cutting Targets

  • One Drive

    Replaces: Box, Dropbox, G Suite, Egnyte, On-Premise storage

  • Microsoft Teams

    Replaces: Slack, Skype, Zoom, Webex, Telephone

  • SharePoint

    Replaces: Intranet software

  • Power Platform

    Replaces: Custom-Built and Workflow Apps

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