4 Key Challenges When Considering a Centralized Tenant Approach in Microsoft 365

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Centralized tenant approach in microsoft 365

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  • 1 Hour


Antoine Snow

Manager, Solution Engineering, AvePoint Public Sector

Don't let the hurdles of a centralized tenant stop secure collaboration.

As organizations adopt Microsoft 365, the decision to implement a centralized tenant approach presents both opportunities and challenges. In our webinar, we’ll share the four most important challenges you may encounter – and how to overcome them – when considering a centralized tenant approach in Microsoft 365.

  • Data segregation and compliance: Explore strategies for effectively managing data isolation, security, and compliance within a centralized tenant framework.
  • User access and identity management: Discuss best practices for seamless authentication and authorization processes while maintaining security and user privacy in a consolidated tenant environment.
  • Governance and administration complexities: Mitigate difficulties by implementing effective governance frameworks, administrative controls, and resource allocation strategies.
  • Collaboration and communication: Address the impact on collaboration and communication workflows across teams and departments when adopting a centralized tenant approach.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with practical insights, real-world examples, and expert recommendations to help your organization or agency overcome these challenges and make informed decisions regarding a centralized tenant approach in Microsoft 365.


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