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Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters Reduces Microsoft SharePoint Content Database by 59% and Centralizes Data from Legacy Systems with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Administrator, Content Manager, File Share Navigator, Storage Manager, Migrator

Learn how Airbus Helicopters improved SharePoint performance, reduced storage costs, and simplified migration of business data from legacy systems. Region: Europe


Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Simplifies Microsoft SharePoint Management with DocAve and Saves 75% on Administrative Expenses

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007 and earlier, Administrator, Content Manager, Connector, Extender

Learn how Alberta Urban Municipalities Association saved time managing SharePoint and enabled end-users to access personal files from anywhere in the world.


Albion Scaccia

Albion Scaccia Enables Constant Access to Business Data While Reducing IT Overhead with Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud|AG Managed Services Featuring DocAve Online

Platform and Products: SharePoint Online, DocAve Online

Learn how AvePoint and Cloud|AG helped Albion Scaccia store and collaborate on critical business data in the cloud.


Alegri International Group

Alegri Reduces SharePoint 2010 Migration Time by Five Months with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2007 and earlier, Migrator

Alegri reduced migration of more than 100 GB of content to SharePoint 2010 by five months. Find out how.


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Performs Full-Fidelity Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Data Recovery with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup and Restore

Learn how American Speech-Language-Hearing Association protected its SharePoint data and swiftly recovered documents for end users with DocAve.


Assumption High School Completes

Assumption High School Completes Full Fidelity Migration to Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online on Schedule with AvePoint Client Services

Platform and Products: SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, AvePoint Client Services

Learn how Assumption High School reduced the burden on its IT team to migrate to Office 365 without losing any data.


Atea Backs

Atea Backs up, Ensures GDPR Compliance of 1 TB Microsoft® SharePoint® Deployment with DocAve®

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online, Backup and Restore, Administrator, Migrator, Content Manager, Compliance Guardian

Learn how Nordic IT organization Atea used DocAve to back up its 1 TB hybrid SharePoint deployment and ensure its environment is GDPR compliant in time for May 25, 2018.



ATPI Eases Transition to Microsoft SharePoint by Restructuring 400,000 Documents with KPN Consulting and DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Content Manager

Learn how KPN Consulting helped ATPI avoid a labor-intensive manual content migration and meet its service window while moving SharePoint data with full fidelity with DocAve.


AuditOne Gains Better Control

AuditOne Gains Better Control Over Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection and Generates Audit Reports 88% Faster with DocAve Online

Platform and Products: SharePoint Online, DocAve Online

See how financial services company AuditOne saved time and costs by automating backups to a variety of cloud-based storage destinations.


Australian Law Firm

Australian Law Firm Saves Critical Business Data and Increases Administrator Efficiency by Protecting and Managing Microsoft SharePoint with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Administrator, Deployment Manager, Report Center, Backup and Restore

Find out how an Australian law firm easily restored Microsoft SharePoint data while simplifying management of content and end user permissions with DocAve.