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Missions depend on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) ability to fight through a concerted attack while assuring safe, secure information sharing – capabilities which are essential to enable decision makers to exercise authority and direction over forces and resources. The DoD’s ability to work together and rapidly share information across strategic, tactical operations is critical to a mission’s success.

In order to capitalize on strategic information assets through knowledge management, collaboration, and cloud computing, the DoD cannot afford to have their technology investments deliver less than optimal results and reliability.


As the DoD continues to invest in enterprise information sharing and collaboration platforms, it is imperative it strikes the balance between rapid information sharing and ensuring information is only available to those who should have access to it.

AvePoint Public Sector’s solutions can provide rapid cost savings through data consolidation and support for on-premises, private cloud and hybrid deployments. Whether it’s ensuring data and content migration is secure from cyberattacks or building the framework for sustainable technology adoption, AvePoint Public Sector enables the DoD to conduct, shape, and influence operational readiness, cyber risk management, and compliance processes. With AvePoint Public Sector solutions, DoD can operate and secure their enterprise collaboration platform deployments – on-premises, private, and hybrid environments – with confidence.


Albion Scaccia

A U.S. Army

A U.S. Army command supporting more than 60,000 SharePoint end-users utilized DocAve Administrator to secure and remove permissions, security settings, and stale content associated with more than 6,000 end-users no longer with the command from a period of up to three years. The command was also able to backup and secure mission critical content across domains and geographically dispersed SharePoint farms using DocAve Backup and Restore.

Albion Scaccia

Navy Medicine

Navy Medicine used the DocAve Software Platform's fully integrated solutions, including DocAve Administrator and DocAve Report Center, to lower the total cost of ownership of its SharePoint deployment.

Albion Scaccia

A U.S. Air Force

A U.S. Air Force base accessed large media files throughout SharePoint without burdening the platform's content database using DocAve Media Connector. The base was also able to restore SharePoint content granularly with DocAve Backup and Restore and manage its process for moving content from development to production using DocAve Content Manager.