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Protect your business-critical email, projects, files, conversations, groups, teams, and sites with unlimited, automated backup and granular, item-level restore.

AvePoint Cloud Backup, part of AvePoint Online Services, provides the industry’s most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Office 365. With the freedom to choose where your data is stored, how much you recover, and when, AvePoint Cloud Backup is the top choice for Office 365 backup and recovery.

What our Customers are saying about Office 365 Backup with AvePoint Online Services


  • Worry-free Backup and Data Protection – We automatically backup your data up to 4 times a day, and store unlimited content for the life of your contract—or for as long as you’d like if you bring your own storage. So, you can easily meet your data protection and retention requirements.
  • Any Time Recovery and Data Access – Restore granular content from Office 365. Restore an entire site collection, site, list, library, mailbox, conversation, document, or item with metadata, workflow state, and permissions fully maintained. Search for content to restore based on properties—including content type, owner, date created, file size, parent list name, parent folder name, email subject, date sent, and more.
  • Storage on your Terms – Leverage secure storage provided by AvePoint or store backups in your cloud or with a vendor of your choice—including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Take additional precautions to safeguard your data from cyberattacks or leakage by utilizing Microsoft Azure Key Vault Encryption to meet compliance regulations around sensitive data.
  • Out-of-Place or Offline Restore – Have things moved around? Experienced employee turnover? Restore content and conversations to any mailbox, OneDrive, Group, or site, and not just to its original home. You can even export and restore content directly to or from Office 365 for immediate access, or to maintain offline copies!


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