Data order & organization

Automate privacy and security programs across your enterprise content—in file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Slack, G-Suite, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, and more—with AvePoint Compliance Guardian. Easily integrate and connect to information, wherever it may live, with our Quick-Connect Framework. Seamlessly satisfy requirements for data classification and tagging!

Know more, plan better

In-depth analysis helps security and privacy teams get insight into enterprise-wide content for better policy planning.

Search smarter

Use tagging and metadata to help users discover and locate the content they need and verify their search results.

Analysis & migration

Quickly identify at-risk and compliant content, cloud migration scopes, and opportunities for storage savings.

Granular protection

Data tags and taxonomy can be used to drive data protection and records strategies, like retention or archive actions.

One system that works where you work!

We want other companies to refer to us as an example of compliance done right in New Zealand thanks to AvePoint products.

Jenny Ryan

Digital Information Analyst, Airways New Zealand

Solutions Provided

Archiver, Cloud Backup, Cloud Records, Cloud Governance, GroupHub, Enterprise Risk, Compliance, & Data Protection

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Powered by Compliance Guardian

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Discover & validate your data

Scan results to provide insight into your greatest areas of vulnerability, and flag inconsistencies between document contents and current tags or classification.

Over 150 scans

Scan content against one of 150+ built-in checks that map to common internal or external regulations—or build your own.

Scan what matters

Scan files, file properties, or attributes—like headers and footers—against scan criteria to validate tags or metadata.

Any type, anytime

Search through Office 365, PDFs, images, HTML/XML files, AutoCAD files, .zip files, and 100’s of file types for privacy, security issues.

Enterprise support

Scan file shares, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Office 365, ServiceNow, G-Suite, SharePoint, Databases and more. Wherever content lives, we’ll find it.

24/7 discovery

Schedule scans to run up to every 15 minutes, and real-time controls will tag content as it’s uploaded or created.

Tag & classify your data

Easily find, manage and act on at-risk or sensitive data. Meet discovery needs and respond to DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and ‘right to be forgotten’ requests with Discovery+. Just leave the search team to us, we’ve got this.

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Tag it your way

Tag or classify content using built-in properties or assign custom tags that’ll help you find, sort, clean, or migrate data.

Enforce taxonomy

Compare existing content tags with tagging rules and policies to ensure correct classification is applied.

We like labels

Easily identify and act on files with a specific label with the integration of Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Retention Labels (which become a filter condition).

File share analysis

Interact with and filter through data, report on content, tags, and classification to understand content types and sensitivity levels. Identify and remove duplicate files.

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