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Stay focused on what matters: enabling new and better ways of learning. Our digital learning platform empowers educators to deliver an immersive and engaging online learning experience to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

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Upskill your workforce

Upskill Your Workforce

Welcome to the future of workforce upskilling. Meet MaivenPoint Curricula, your ultimate solution for bridging the digital skills gap within your organization.

Tired of scattered training content and information silos? Curricula centralizes it all, making life easier for both you and your employees. With seamless integration into Microsoft Teams, your team can access courses without ever leaving their natural habitat.

But we don't stop at convenience. We're here to help you maximize your Microsoft 365 investment. Curricula keeps tabs on usage, improve adoption, and optimizes licenses, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Icon Impactful Change Management

Impactful Change Management

Icon Sustain Employee Well being

Sustain Employee Well-being

Icon Foster an Intrinsic Learning Culture

Foster an Intrinsic Learning Culture

Icon Seamless Onboarding Experience

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Icon Productively Manage Learning

Productively Manage Learning

Curricula Powered by Maiven Point

Powered by MaivenPoint

MaivenPoint provides SaaS modern learning solutions that drive learning and organizational success. From undergraduates to working professionals looking to deepen skillsets or make a mid-career switch, MaivenPoint has inspired millions of people to achieve their personal and professional aspirations. MaivenPoint empowers collaborative learning with seamless services that build vibrant learning ecosystems across education institutes, enterprises, and public sector agencies.

Drive Change Management

Drive Change Management

Promote the use of new platforms, systems and foster an organizational culture that adapts to continuous change.

  • Create and support Communities of Practice to engage your Users and Champions or offer a space for self-service learning with social interactions among peers and experts.
  • Combine live training with on-demand self-learning smoothly
  • Simple lesson design
  • Easily integrate guided training, content and feedback forums into your organization’s Microsoft Teams channels
  • Rapidly deploy over 1,000 hours of Bitesize Learning Content
Promote a Continuous Learning Culture

Promote a Continuous Learning Culture

Help employees maintain peer networks in hybrid/remote settings by providing relevant, workflow-aligned content and access to corporate knowledge and mobile learning. Our integrations with Microsoft Teams and Viva foster connections, monitor wellbeing and enable on-the-go learning.

  • Easy access to courses within Teams
  • Learning with peers
  • Recommendations based on interests
  • Build your own project/portfolio
  • Selected reading lists
  • Upcoming courses & tasks in dashboard

Harmonizing Global Consistency with Local Relevance in LD

Harmonizing Global Consistency with Local Relevance in L&D

We offer a smarter, more efficient way to manage global learning programs through automated workflows, notifications and controls over information sharing that save time. Our platform encourages collaboration and interactivity with problem-based group activities for global L&D implementations.

  • A blend of live content with follow-up and on-demand activities
  • SCORM, LTI & QTI integrations support import of learning objects
  • Question bank with auto quiz grading
  • Monitor employee’s learning progress
  • Instant reports on engagement rates to measure global program rollouts
  • Inherits organization AAD (now Azure Entra ID) user roles

Powering Seamless Onboarding Experiences

Powering Seamless Onboarding Experiences

Help new employees feel welcome, engaged and ready to work in hybrid or remote settings with a user-friendly onboarding program. Create a Team for each Cohort based on their onboarding paths and let them access customized content for their roles. They will also stay informed about the latest team activities and announcements.

  • Blended and interactive onboarding for new hires in groups
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Compatibility with SCORM, LTI, QTI standards
  • Onboarding progress tracking
  • Virtual meeting support via Teams or Zoom

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