B Ufor Google Ft Accidentswill Happen

Accidents Will Happen. Protect Your Business-Critical Data with Google Workspace Backup.

Escape the horror film of data loss. Make sure it’s secure with Cloud Backup for Google Workspace. With one-click setup, automated daily backups, Microsoft Azure Encryption, and comprehensive restore options, you’ll be the center of a superhero blockbuster.

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Worry-free protection

Four times daily, automatic backups. Data protection and retention requirements are always met.

Comprehensive restore

Access, search, and restore Google Workspace with data granularly or in bulk, for Gmail, Drives, Shared Drives, Contacts, and Calendars.

Secure encryption

Data’s safe in the cloud. Breaches and attacks are no match for Microsoft Azure Encryption plus user account security. Take advantage of our built-in, unlimited storage!

B Ufor Google St Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive protection for all that’s important

Our 100% SaaS solution protects your Gmail, contacts, calendars, and drives automatically, up to 4 times a day! Your data is encrypted by default and stored in our secure cloud storage. Restore on-demand for any-time access and fast recovery from errors, attacks, and failures.

Gmail backup

Ensure your emails and messages are safe. Easily restore user emails.

Google Drive backup

Protection for files along with metadata and permissions

Shared Drives

Easily restore shared user content at multiple levels with full fidelity


Protect past and future events and schedules with granular restores


Google Contacts backup ensures that contacts never fall by the wayside

B Ufor Google Ft Whydo I Need

Do I need to backup Google workspace?

You’ve invested in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)…now you need to protect your data. Google’s cloud provides server redundancy and short term recovery via a Trash bin to hold data for up to 30 days, but actual retention options to protect your information are limited.

Trash woes

Google Workspace’s trash bin holds deleted data for 30 days. Well, what happens after 30 days? Data’s permanently deleted, and there’s no way to recover any files that are gone.

User Errors

Lost, altered or corrupted data happens. Mistakes don’t have to be the end of the story. Easily roll back changes to files and drive structures with on-demand restores.

Malicious Attacks

Malware, ransomware attacks and phishing schemes abound in today’s digital workplace. Neutralize threats to your data before they even happen.

Partners encouraged

Google encourages you to protect data via a partner backup solution, like AvePoint, to backup and secure user data for long term data protection

Backup for Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is the updated name for G Suite which includes collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and more. You can backup and restore all your Google data with AvePoint’s cloud backup.

B Ufor Google St Backupis Insurance

Google Workspace backup is insurance for your organization

Think of all the things we insure every day- isn’t your business critical information just as important? Why risk losing any information that’s important to you? You don’t have to collaborate without ensuring your information is secure. With Cloud Backup for Google Workspace, you’ll be in control when it comes time to performing or exporting a backup, creating reports, restoring, or securing new data—with just one click.

Reporting all you need

Robust reporting and dashboards keep you on top of your protection progress.

Security by design

Backup data is encrypted by default.

Options for Storage

Store backup data in secure built-in, unlimited, cloud storage, in your choice of over a dozen global data centers.

Backed by our secure, scalable SaaS cloud platform

AvePoint is backed by our ISO 27001:2013 certification

Comply with data sovereignty requirements with the ability to choose from over a dozen global data centers to house your backup service and backup data storage

Our platform scales to support 10 or 10,000 users with ease.

Your data is backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA

How and Why to Backup Your Office 365 Tenant

A guide on how the surge in remote work has made backing up Office 365 more important than ever.

Boost your cloud confidence

Exceed expectations with Cloud Backup for Google Workspace