Gauge Your GDPR Compliance Progress

Automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of your enterprise IT systems.

Comply with Privacy Regulations: Analyze how personal information is handled by enterprise IT systems to comply with global privacy legislation-mandated privacy impact assessments (PIA).

Automate Privacy Impact Assessments: Utilize APIA’s form based survey system, built-in workflows as well as configurable questions and answers to simplify the way privacy, security, IT, and business owners interact and communicate during PIAs.

Report on PIAs for Stakeholder Review: Automatically generate organization-specific PIA reports to distribute to Chief Privacy Officers for review.

Extend to Security and Vulnerability Assessments: Extend and customize APIA for security and vulnerability assessments as well as requirements from other quality assurance and/or records management review..


I’ve already run the risk assessment, now what?

Head over our GDPR page and we’ll get you on the path to becoming GDPR compliant.

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