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Jack Maloney
Jack Maloney

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Sam Kaufman
Sam Kaufman

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Data breach won't happen to me...unless it does.

Most organizations would be shocked to learn how much sensitive data can creep into Teams and M365 at large.

While we understand the risks might exist, it is difficult to know who has access to what data, how much personal identifiable information (PII) and financial records are exposed to external collaborators, and how to protect your company from unintentional disclosure caused by our internal collaborators.

Join us as we discuss the risk inherent in M365 usage and the Microsoft Methods Most commonly used to understand and address the liability of a data breach. You'll learn how you can leverage powerful tools to make it faster to identify and report on your risk and proactively mitigate the issue.

During our session you will learn:

Reasons We Need to Secure M365
How and Why M365 Becomes Vulnerable to Data Breaches
How to Understand Your Risk
Rapid Reporting on M365 Risks
Mitigating M365 Risks

We hope to see you there and answer any of your burning M365 Risk questions!

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