Survey: Office 365 Governance & Migration

Learn how Office 365 has changed the way companies need to approach governance and process automation

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With over 120 million Office 365 commercial monthly active users, it’s clear that Office 365 is making a significant impact on digital transformation within organizations.

This AvePoint sponsored AIIM study surveyed 254 Office 365 professionals to get the latest statistics on:

  • How far is adoption of the Office 365 stack extending beyond email, and what issues are organizations considering in this decision?
  • How are organizations addressing governance questions in Office 365 and in hybrid on-premises/cloud environments?
  • How are organizations making the decision when to leverage Microsoft process and governance capabilities vs buying third party solutions?
  • And more!

Whether you are an Office 365 admin, IT pro, or business leader, this report will give you the insight you need to maximize your Office 365 assets.

  • Chapter 1

    Adoption of Office 365

  • Chapter 2

    Influencing the Decision to Migrate to SharePoint Online

  • Chapter 3

    Addressing Governance Questions in Office 365 and Hybrid On-Premises/Cloud Environments

  • Chapter 4

    Making the Decision to Leverage Microsoft vs. Third-Party Solutions

Key Data Points: 47% of organizations say that at least 60% of their organization’s unstructured content is housed in SharePoint repositories.Chapter 2: Influencing the Decision to Migrate to SharePoint Online
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