Global MSP Preferences Survey

Discover key trends impacting the global technology channel industry and unveil opportunities for MSPs to grow revenue as digital collaboration needs continue to accelerate in the modern workforce.

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Major Transitions Ahead for MSPs

We know that the rush to the cloud is forcing modern businesses to move forward quickly and align digital employee experiences with an agile and flexible approach to technology. To better understand the trends impacting the technology channel industry, AvePoint engaged Zogby Analytics to survey more than 1,000 MSPs across the world.

Access the free survey to gain insights into key trends such as:

  • How many faced a ransomware attack in the last year
  • What percentage of their revenue is from recurring services
  • How many ISVs do MSPs plan to onboard or cut
  • The most important component in evaluating an ISV partner
  • What services contribute most of their revenue
  • Biggest COVID challenges
  • and more!

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • Who We Surveyed

  • The Strategic Shift

  • Section 1: Relationships

    MSPs Form Many Relationships

  • Section 2: Solidifying Partnerships

    What MSPs Demand From Their ISV Partners

  • Section 3: Cloud Collaboration

    Managed Services for the Modern Digital Workplace

  • The AvePoint Partner Program

Access the free survey to gain insights into key trends such as:

  • MSPs can also gain efficiencies in consolidating how they transact, which shows why 42% of MSPs only work with ISVs directly. (p. 14)

  • MSPs must pinpoint the services and products they can leverage to accelerate the digital workplace for their clients, subsequently leading to revenue growth for their practices. (p. 24)


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