Information management is at a pivotal moment. How should you move forward?

Prior to COVID-19, organizations had been making strides in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). However, the pandemic forced businesses to go beyond capturing, storing, and processing data – they needed to digitalize completely. Today, as the world emerges from COVID-19, organizations face additional challenges brought by hybrid work, data privacy, artificial intelligence, and more.

A new report from the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), presented in partnership with AvePoint, highlights the growing importance of information management in a post-pandemic world and its impact on the current business landscape.

Download the 2023 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry report now and discover:

  • The current state of the information management industry – including goals, successes, and internal infrastructures – and how it compares to data from five and 10 years prior.
  • The biggest obstacles organizations face towards achieving digital transformation, which is now a major driver of information management.
  • The explosive growth in information management systems, including tools for content management, document management, and record management, and the complications this growth brings.
  • Skills that information management professionals believe they need to achieve their goals at the organizational, departmental, and personal levels.
  • Conclusions and recommendations to help organizations navigate the fundamental shift in information management in a post-pandemic world.

Table of Contents

Key Findings


The State of the Industry

Looking to the Future

Conclusions and Recommendations

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This lack of integration poses numerous challenges in areas such as eDiscovery, privacy, information security, and overall governance and compliance. In addition, any scenario that requires a complete, single view of a customer, process, claim, application, or case is hindered by the need to connect to multiple systems — running the risk of data integrity issues such as duplication and inconsistent data updates. As a result, system integration and alignment is an area that requires significant strategic and technical focus in the coming years to avoid downstream issues. (p. 17)

Asking an audience that works in information management whether that area will become more or less important in the next two years might seem like a pointless exercise. However, you might expect that asking the question to both an AIIM audience and a non-AIIM audience would yield different outcomes. In fact, the two audiences provided very similar results. Overall, 79% of the combined audience sees information management becoming more important over the next two years — constructed from 84% of the AIIM Audience and 72% of the non-AIIM audience. Only 1 % of the combined audience feels that information management will become less important. (p. 23)

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