Snowflake Notification

Snowflake Notification

Published: June 27, 2023
Version: 1.0

Executive Summary

AvePoint is releasing this security advisory to inform customers that we are aware of the Snowflake data breach situation, and we are not impacted by the incident.

Advisory Details

AvePoint does not use Snowflake for any services or solutions. At this point, after internal investigation and to the best of the knowledge of AvePoint Security and IT teams, AvePoint is not affected by the Snowflake data breach.

Suggested Actions

Security Actions - No additional action is required.

Mitigation Steps - Not needed at this moment.

AvePoint implements best-in-class techniques for identifying, protecting, and detecting cybersecurity threats.

The information security and data privacy of our customers is AvePoint’s highest priority. If you have any questions about this and/or you are contacted by anyone else about this issue, please contact our security team immediately at

For your additional information please find AvePoint’s reporting policy and response plan: