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Success Highlights

Leverage Fly for successful internal and external migrations
Retained full data fidelity and preserved existing working structures
Reduced migration timelines with expert advice from AvePoint engineers
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Customer Location Limburg, Belgium

Industry Information Technology

Platform Microsoft 365

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Cegeka is a leading European IT solutions provider, offering end-to-end solutions in the fields of Data, Applications, and Infrastructure. In line with their motto 'In close cooperation,' the solutions provider strives to provide the best possible customer service and support to their more than 2,500 customers in their digitization journey.

Cegeka has over 5,000 employees with locations in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, Romania, Moldova, Italy, and Sweden, and a consolidated turnover of 640 million euros.

Critical Needs

  • Tenant-to-tenant data restructuring and migration
  • Expanded functionality like Microsoft Teams chat migration
  • Timely, responsive technical support

The Challenge

Service provider Cegeka knows a thing or two about data migrations. Not only is it a primary concern for their customers, but it’s also a regular occurrence internally. While their customers are motivated by digital transformation and security concerns, Cegeka is migrating for a different reason: growth.

Cegeka’s business growth strategy centers around mergers and acquisitions, resulting in the need to perform an average of five internal data migrations a year to bring new colleagues into their tenant. According to Tony Aerts, Application Architect at Cegeka, this year alone they have migrated 700 users, 300-400 workspaces, and about 20 TBs of data, to their corporate environment.

To best meet their own and their customers’ needs, Cegeka sought to find a migration tool that delivered advanced functionality and timely, responsive technical support.

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Using Fly, we can easily migrate across tenants and customers will see everything, exactly how they left it. There’s no need to adjust a lot of things after a migration. It’s all there – the data, the workspaces, the mail, the archives – a perfect image of their previous environment.

Tony Aerts
Application Architect, Cegeka

The AvePoint Solution

Cegeka decided to try AvePoint Fly. “AvePoint was a game-changer,” Tony says. “The support and the solution’s functionality and features – like Teams Chat and on-prem Exchange migration – were so much more than others could offer.”

Fly delivers a three-step approach – via a self-guided tool or with help from AvePoint – to migrate on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, content, and collaboration into Microsoft 365 or SharePoint. Data can be migrated from Microsoft 365 workspaces, including Exchange Online and Exchange Server (on-premises), Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams Chat.

Fly also offers a free discovery tool that can be used pre-migration to identify required, relevant, and sensitive content, customizations, and potential risks to better scope projects and streamline migrations. “Complexity is relative,“ Tony says. “If you know an environment, you can always make sure there is a good plan.”

As a cloud-first company, Cegeka appreciates that Fly is offered as a SaaS solution in addition to the option to migrate via servers. Tony says, “A solution that runs on the cloud is crucial, for now and the future.”

According to Tony, one of Fly’s greatest selling points was that “everything is possible with Microsoft 365.” The solution’s expanding features mean Cegeka’s customers, even those most skeptical about leaving behind their on-prem applications, feel confident about their digital transformations.

“Using Fly, we can easily migrate across tenants and customers will see everything, exactly how they left it,” Tony says. “There’s no need to adjust a lot of things after a migration. It’s all there – the data, the workspaces, the mail, the archives – a perfect image of their previous environment.”

With AvePoint, they received more than just a migration solution, but also expert advice. They were able to work closely with engineers at AvePoint to solve issues they were experiencing.

“We adjusted our migration plans based on insights from AvePoint about how much data could be transferred and when before throttling occurred,” Tony says. “With this knowledge, we were able to work with customers to determine priorities to migrate first and plan larger phases for weekends, when throttling was eliminated. This ensured all the data would move in the correct format and the migration would be complete.”

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The Road Ahead

Cegeka has several big migration opportunities in the pipeline, and AvePoint Fly will be their solution of choice to help these customers. “The solution is great, but the support and insights from AvePoint experts are next-level. Fly is our go-to tool for any use case, internal and external.”

For Cegeka, the solution, service, and support they received from AvePoint were unmatched, helping them create better migration plans and deliver clean, full-fidelity results. Tony believes AvePoint’s innovation and forward-thinking expanding functionality can help Cegeka continue to grow and become a real player in the European IT market.

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