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Enterprise Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014 on Business Computing World

I recently had the opportunity to contribute an article to Business Computing World discussing my predictions for enterprise cloud computing this year.

Whether companies are hesitant about transitioning to the cloud, ready to launch the project, or even just in the beginning stages of planning; the cloud is on everyone’s mind. However, many of them are unsure of where to start and how this can affect their business operations. With that being said, I have outlined my predictions from the article below:

  • Hybrid models will become commonplace: Due to the fact that a majority of organizations are hesitant to jump in feet-first to a cloud model, many will opt for a hybrid model that includes the cloud and traditional data storage methods. This will alleviate some of their worries about data security and accessibility.
  • Security breaches will continue: We’ve all seen the news about several large retailers facing major data breaches with customers’ sensitive information. Other sectors, though less public in some cases, were equally affected. Unfortunately, situations like these won’t end in the near future. Because of this, IT staff will have more security responsibilities incorporated into their roles.
  • Collaboration will dominate: In simple terms, departments will rely more and more on working together. Rather than sectioning off collaboration with departmental silos, organizations will encourage employees to work succinctly on projects; and of course, they’ll need an effective way to do this.
  • Mobile first: Mobile device use will continue to spread beyond traditional email. Soon, it will be critical for organizations to provide access to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with those platforms in mind, and users on-the-go; all while keeping this information safe.

AvePoint addresses each of these trends and issues, as well as others, with solutions for cloud and hybrid management, compliance, infrastructure management, mobility, and more. With our solutions, organizations can seamlessly integrate aspects of the cloud into their business without interrupting everyday operations. To read more on my cloud computing predictions, please visit Business Computing World.


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