Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013: Viewpoints

Post Date: 12/20/2013
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Our “Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013” concludes today with advice, thoughts, and perspectives from our team. The series has compiled articles from throughout 2013 written by our subject matter experts on some of the most important enterprise collaboration topics. Previously, we shared articles on the topics of compliance, governance, infrastructure management, cloud computing, productivity, and SharePoint tips.

For this edition, we focus on viewpoints on enterprise collaboration. Read excerpts from articles published this year that share thoughts on some of the most prominent topics in the world of enterprise collaboration and follow the links for more. To learn how AvePoint can help your organization collaborate with confidence, be sure to visit our website for more information.

How Email and Personal Drives Could Be Hurting Your Organization’s Collaboration Efforts

By Jeremy Thake, AvePoint Vice President of Global Product Innovation and Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional

How often has this happened to you: You’re working on a project that needs feedback from other members of your organization. You send out an email with your project attached, asking some of your colleagues to respond with any feedback they see fit.

Soon after, you get multiple emails from various colleagues offering suggestions and changes.

Now you’ve got to aggregate all of the suggestions back into your original document, hoping that none of them conflict since your colleagues have no idea what they each suggested.

Sure, you’ll likely get all of the information you need, but is this really the best way to collaborate within your organization? To read more of this article, please visit

SoCloMoDa: Don’t Just Follow the Crowd

By Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang, AvePoint Co-CEO and Co-Founder

It seems like every week we’re reading about the next big technology trend that is going to take the world by storm. Companies claim to be the first to do something, and promise their newest solution is just what your organization needs to go straight to the top. And if everyone else is doing it, you might as well too… right? To read more of this article, please visit IDG Connect’s global blog.

Modern Intranets and the Technological Circle of Life

By Jeremy Thake

Like any innovation in the enterprise technology world, it’s commonplace to see updates and improvements throughout the years. Business needs change, different functionality is needed, and the technology must be amended to meet requirements or risk being rendered useless. This evolution is part of the technological circle of life, and things either survive and thrive or die off completely.

The modern corporate intranet is a prime example of how a piece of technology can be born to serve one purpose, yet evolve through time to become a completely different asset. To read more of this article, please visit CMSWire.

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