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The Official Office 365 Groups Cookbook is Here!

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Here at AvePoint, nothing satisfies our craving for collaboration more than the built-in tools that Microsoft has woven throughout their cloud and on-prem products. Every day, we hear stories from our customers about new ways organizations are using these tools to improve their processes and enhance collaboration.

To keep up with active models of working together, Microsoft shifted from a “one-size-fits-all” model to a more democratized and personalized approach with Office 365 Groups. While IT generally controls the collaborative environments on the network, Office 365 Groups empower users to work together when and how they want.

This shift away from every product trying to be everything to everybody is key in understanding the value of Groups. This is because they are the common thread throughout the Office 365 suite that enables intuitive collaboration while lighting up all the best features that the platform has to offer.

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The Contents of This Cookbook

This cookbook has been in the oven for a long time. With the help of some of the top Office 365 Groups gourmands in the Microsoft ecosystem, we’ve managed to put together a Groups creation guide that boasts over 20 unique recipes, an introduction to the unique nature of Office 365 Groups, and an epilogue on how you should think about managing and governing your Groups.

Knowing how many ways there are to create a Group is an important factor in understanding how shared workspaces—and potentially sensitive business data—are propagated across your environment so you can appropriately oversee your tenant. If you’re in need of help with Office 365 governance, this cookbook should be an invaluable resource (as well as our new ROI Calculator eBook).

In the meantime, we hope you find the following recipes for creating Office 365 Groups as helpful and satisfying as we do! Look below for a glimpse at one of the recipes from Microsoft’s Madhuri Tondepu, and click here to download the full cookbook!

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Brent Middleton
Brent Middleton
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