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26.2 Around the World: AvePoint Philanthropy

This three-part series is a special feature on two industry leaders doing good inside the board room and outside on the pavement. Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang and Microsoft’s Jeff Teper will be two of the competitors at the Boston Marathon 2020, running on Team Red Cross. AvePoint will match donations through the end of December. Donate to Team Red Cross and check out how else you can help at

This week, we sit down with AvePoint’s CEO, Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang, in his campaign to complete the final of 6 major marathons. Let’s take a look at the road TJ took to make it to the oldest continuously running marathon!

The Quest for the Abbott 6 Star

What started as a healthy habit during long weeks on the road became a competitive passion project that required a commitment to training, no matter where in the world he travels. Now just one city away from being an Abbott 6 Star Finisher, TJ is kicking into high gear on the training front!

Berlin 2016: Crossing the finish line strong.
Tokyo 2017: Showing off the hardware.
New York City 2017: Race day meetup with TJ & Jeff Teper.
Chicago 2018: Powering through 26.2 in the Windy City.
London 2019: 5/6 medals is a collection!

Why Fundraise?

Why write a blog series about this? Why commit TJ to do some strange things for the sake of supporting Team Red Cross? Simple.

The American Red Cross mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies is directly in line with the AvePoint Philanthropy Community pillar, lifting and supporting communities in hard and unimaginable circumstances.

Join us in supporting TJ’s pursuit to be an Abbot 6 Star Finisher in 2020! To read more about how you can help the RED Cross, or to donate to Team Red Cross, visit

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Julie Liu
Julie Liu
Julie Liu is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at AvePoint, a SaaS and data management platform that manages and protects data to secure collaboration in the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Google. Julie is an industry-recognized marketing leader, most recently mentoring others to create scalable marketing strategies, launching a sustainable global partner program, and establishing AvePoint as a publicly-traded company.


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