Video Case Study: Titus Increases Productivity and Accountability in Microsoft Office 365 with AvePoint Meetings

Post Date: 07/02/2015
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Maryland-based engineering firm Titus adopted Microsoft Office 365 to work better together on company-wide projects from the corporate office and on site with clients. However, the platform did not have a space to store and collaborate on important meeting information. During project meetings, employees began keeping separate notes and storing them separately, making information discovery difficult. With AvePoint Meetings, Titus was not only able to centralize meeting information such as minutes, decisions, and actions, but also make this information available and searchable for employees. With this solution, employees are able to maintain accountability within project teams and also share pertinent information with customers.

Watch the new video case study below to learn more:

For more about Titus’s experience, please read the full case study available on our website.

Visit our product page to learn more about AvePoint Meetings and its ability to improve meeting productivity through seamless integration with SharePoint.

Kate was formerly a specialist on AvePoint's Corporate Communications team.

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