6 Reasons to Attend the #ShiftHappens Conference on April 20-22!

Post Date: 04/09/2021
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We’re starting to resume many parts of normal life, and that’s great news. Still, the big changes that have occurred in the past year couldn’t be more fitting for the latest #ShiftHappens Conference.

That’s because our annual event is the place for Microsoft 365 experts, organizational leaders, and engaged users to share and discuss actionable strategies that can take their businesses to the next level.

And there’s plenty to talk about this year. With 55 featured speakers in 29 sessions (offered in four languages), the globally-minded event has something for everyone, no matter where you might be in the digital transformation process.

Everyone is welcome. Tens of millions of users joined Microsoft Teams in 2020, after all, and many did so in a rush due to the pandemic. There’s a good chance you might be asking: Am I set up for success?

#ShiftHappens is here to help.

What sets the #ShiftHappens conference apart?

We highlight experiences from Microsoft 365 users that focus not only on their big wins, but also the hurdles along the way. The vibe is casual, and the theme is universal: We can all learn from one another.

Consider some of the stories you’ll hear from representatives of the following groups:

  • A national government that deployed a full-scale cloud migration in a matter of weeks
  • A manufacturing team that leveraged Microsoft 365 solutions for 8,000 worldwide employees to collaborate and stay compliant
  • A renowned home-décor company automating its policy enforcement for staffers who use Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

The free event will again be held virtually (April 20-22) and offer interactive functions to engage attendees around the world. I can’t wait to join you!

If you haven’t yet registered, here are a few reasons why I think the #ShiftHappens conference is worth your time.


1. Learn to leverage Microsoft collaboration tools to the fullest

The pandemic has brought unprecedented shifts to the ways we work. Many #ShiftHappens sessions will explore how to meet these demands — including tips for a successful Microsoft Teams rollout, choosing the right tool for a job (Teams vs. SharePoint, for instance), and harnessing the strength of your data with Microsoft Power Platform. Curious about the new Microsoft Viva? We’ll cover that too.

2. Discover strong strategies for comprehensive data security

Without robust data protection measures, your recent strides in collaboration could be erased. Don’t miss speakers geared to help you implement effective security — including sessions on Microsoft 365 management solutions, developing a data governance plan, and supporting safe hybrid work. We will also cover must-know protocol for cloud migration and for handling data during a merger or acquisition.

3. Hear inspiring stories of Microsoft 365 solutions supporting the greater good

There’s no shortage of smart, productive, and just plain amazing pivots that organizations have deployed during the pandemic. Join us to explore how a major U.S. county took its municipal services online, how an Australian university elevated its digital classrooms, and how international developers worked via Teams to design a ventilator device. This is truly the #ShiftHappens message in action!


4. Get advice to lay the groundwork for long-lasting change

Sure, big ideas are great. But it takes planning, persistence, and flexibility to get them off the ground and into practice (not to mention training employees and nurturing adoption). Our speakers will address challenges that range from gaining executive buy-in and working with internal stakeholders to anticipating the regulatory and logistical issues that come with collaborating across offices and borders.

5. Attend from anywhere — join us live or on-demand!

Until we can meet again in person, I’m grateful our global audience can gather online. Attend virtual #ShiftHappens sessions live on our event platform, where you can comment and ask questions in real-time (some sessions will repeat to accommodate viewers in different time zones). Juggling a hectic schedule? We’ve got you covered with an on-demand option to learn at your convenience.

6. Be part of an engaged community, now and later.

Dialogue isn’t limited to live sessions. A community board with topics and social groups allows attendees and organizers to chat throughout the event. I also invite you to check out our #ShiftHappens podcast. And I hope we’ll soon be able to catch up in person: Those who attend a full 2021 #ShiftHappens conference session will get an invite to our legendary AvePoint RED party at the next Microsoft Ignite!

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Julie Liu is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at AvePoint, a SaaS and data management platform that manages and protects data to secure collaboration in the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Google. Julie is an industry-recognized marketing leader, most recently mentoring others to create scalable marketing strategies, launching a sustainable global partner program, and establishing AvePoint as a publicly-traded company.

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