3 Ways to Improve Life in the Microsoft Cloud with AvePoint Online Services

Post Date: 08/23/2016
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AvePoint Online Services (AOS) is our rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Office 365 management and protection. Up until now, though, the AvePoint Online Services platform has served as a basic login portal for our various cloud solutions. This month, we’ve taken steps to ensure AOS provides pointed solutions for managing and protecting businesses in the Microsoft Cloud, as well as a complete end-to-end experience for administrators and business users.

Here are some highlights for this month:

  • AvePoint Cloud Insights Summer Preview
  • Dynamic Object Registration
  • AvePoint Online Services for Partners Portal

For Businesses: Office 365 Reporting with AvePoint Cloud Insights

Understanding how your business is using SharePoint Online is key to getting the most out of your new deployment. Without information on aspects like user activity, storage consumption, or changes in configurations – the only way to respond to resource necessities or performance problems is by waiting until things go wrong. This is why we built the Report Center module within DocAve Online, which helps streamline operations by providing intelligence necessary to stay miles ahead of your deployment’s growth, performance, and health.

Expanding outside of SharePoint Online, AvePoint Cloud Insights, our upcoming Office 365 reporting tool, combines the ease of Power BI dashboards and the wealth of data from sources like the Office Graph and the Activity Management API to provide an understanding of not just how you’re using Office 365, but what content and which sites are the most valuable to your business.

AvePoint Cloud Insights is currently in preview mode! Share your feedback and shape this product to become exactly what your business needs. Watch a demo of the tool below and visit our website to learn how to get started.

For Administrators: Dynamic Object Registration

One of the biggest concerns administrators face on a day-to-day basis is employee churn. As users join or leave the organization, mailboxes and OneDrives are created and archived regularly. As content and projects go through their lifecycle, sites are created and retired. This constant change grows into an exponential problem very quickly, especially for organizations with 1,000 users or more who find themselves monitoring and registering changes more than using the actual features themselves.

To alleviate this pain, we released a simple rules engine that defines which logical containers objects like mailboxes, OneDrive for Business instances, and SharePoint sites should fit into. With the ability to sort containers by departments, site collections, metadata, or other business classifications, you can assign functions like back up plans, compliance rules, and archive rules to a group at once. As a result, IT administrators will find it not only easy to set and forget policies, but respond with ease and agility to changes in business.

AvePoint Online Services Dynamic Object Registration

Figure 1: Dynamic Object Registration in-app Guide

For Partners: AOS Partner Portal

Companies who build and manage portals for customers face exponential challenges managing SharePoint and Office 365. With this month’s update, those who manage with AvePoint Online Services now have the added benefit of servicing all of their clients through a single pane of glass using the AOS Partner Portal. Cloud and managed service providers can more easily provide a seamless, on-demand experience to thousands of customers as easily as one.

AvePoint Online Services Partner Portal

Figure 2: AOS Partner Portal Dashboard

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