How AvePoint is Leveraging Microsoft Turing and AI at Scale to Advance Corporate and Higher Education Learning

Post Date: 03/02/2021
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Today at the Microsoft Ignite conference, we’re excited to reveal new AvePoint solutions that harness automation and analytics to expand the boundaries of online learning.

I invite you to join the Envisioning Tomorrow address at 2 p.m. EST where AvePoint will be featured for our use of artificial intelligence to help employers develop custom training modules and tests by processing shared materials (such as product guides) and unstructured data.

With the power of Microsoft’s next-generation AI at Scale initiative and the Microsoft Turing model that leverages large-scale machine learning, we see huge potential to automate workplace learning and better serve our valued customers. This intuitive functionality saves managers time and hassle and it provides robust education for a well-informed workforce.

But the office isn’t the only place where AI will revolutionize learning.

Yesterday, AvePoint officially announced our EduTech platform. EduTech, which is based on our successful large-scale deployments at leading higher education institutions, is one of the first holistic SaaS education management systems directly integrated with Microsoft 365 for educational institutions and commercial businesses with training and accreditation needs.

Our new Examina solution uses the same Microsoft-powered AI technologies to deliver seamless, secure test taking that enables student success and empowers teachers.

The need is there: An IDC survey of more than 500 higher-education institutions found 99.4% believe AI will be instrumental to their competitiveness in the next three years. But many respondents cited barriers to AI adoption — including a lack of resources and readiness.

This is why we’ve crafted Examena with flexibility, safety, and user experience in mind. Read on to learn more about its smart design and many benefits.

How AvePoint’s Examena Solution Improves and Secures Testing

Recent months have proven that strong education can take place outside of an in-person classroom or office.

The shift also has exposed weaknesses in virtual testing. One online proctoring company found that cheating incidents are now eight times higher than they were before the pandemic.

Still, collaborative learning solutions are here to stay. Students want the ability to test from anywhere — and via their personal devices. Educators and workplace leaders want to curb virtual cheating and provide a setting that’s comfortable and equitable to everyone.

And, of course, corporations and testing centers need ways to ensure the accreditations they provide have integrity and reflect the mastery of the test taker.

Enter Examena. We’ve created a solution to take the work and worry out of online testing with AI-enabled access and smart security measures to meet the needs of all parties.

Here are a few ways Examena can bring value to the testing experience:

  • Customized testing templates: With our solution and by leveraging Microsoft AI at Scale, it’s easy to design an exam in just a few hours. Guided wizards, templates, and AI assist in the types of questions you build, the planning and delegation of exams (for staff and students), the assessment of difficulty, and the integration of permitted outside source materials for test-takers.
  • Strong safeguards: Eliminate the risks of distance testing. Our anti-cheating technology enables supervisors with live proctoring, using a screen-only or entire 360-degree workspace view. Security is enhanced by AI-enabled facial recognition, ID authentication and key encryption to ensure only the designated pupil is logged in and hard at work.
  • Automated insights: The work, as leaders know, doesn’t end with a test. Examena’s auto-marking handles grading (it also can anonymize submitted tests and assign duties to teaching assistants). A high-level dashboard analyzes performance across exams, topics, and competency levels. You can use these insights to help students improve.

By bringing greater organization, automation, and clarity to online testing with Examena, educators and corporate managers gain peace of mind and actionable insights. And, of course, you’re ensuring the highest levels of ethics and accuracy from start to finish.

AvePoint’s Curricula Solution Delivers the Future of Personalized Learning

Testing is just one part of education. Here at AvePoint, we’re crafting solutions that integrate into all elements of the virtual classroom.

Curricula, our other new offering, is an end-to-end solution for higher education and employee training that provides class creation, configuration, and management.

We understand the challenges of the virtual classroom are far more than simply getting students to log in. It demands a deeper level of engagement plus custom support and measurement tools to ensure the experience is meaningful.

On the corporate side, creating a culture of constant learning and upskilling is important, but it must be efficient. Employees have day jobs that are critical to the success of the company, after all.

This is why we are positioning Curricula — which works with the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform — as a destination for online learning. Its capabilities include:

  • Teacher-student communication: Post notifications in a Teams channel before classes start and answer questions about courses, lessons, and tasks (which can be submitted via Curricula). A centralized dashboard and calendar gives a birds-eye view of all classes, related tasks and due dates. Keyword search aids navigation.
  • Curriculum management: Full-featured course management can handle enrollment, learning paths, your knowledge repository, tasks, and grading. Plan syllabi in batch or create an individualized learning path to suit an individual’s needs. Guided formative assessment and quiz setup ensures educators can align curriculums to outcomes.
  • Game-style collaboration: Keep distance learners engaged with fun tools that enable leaderboards, badges, and challenges. Curricula supports group discussion through video chats, social networking, games, blogs, forums, and more to reach students in the channels they prefer. A student-facing dashboard brings the elements together.
  • Smart monitoring: It’s tough to keep tabs when everyone’s virtual. Curricula makes it easy with centralized oversight into attendance and learning progress. Our AI-based screen monitoring can spot suspicious behavior to reduce cheating risks. Drag-and-drop handout distribution and automated grading delivers the material (and results) quicker.

Partner with AvePoint for EduTech That Elevates Your Classroom

We’re excited about AvePoint’s new EduTech products and the many ways they can serve educators, students, and the workforce. I invite you to schedule a demo or chat with us about how these solutions can take learning to the next level (and make your life easier too!)

Although some elements of life are returning to normal, many educational leaders anticipate virtual classrooms will permanently remain in some form. We are ready to be a trusted partner in achieving — and advancing — your e-learning goals.

You also can take comfort in AvePoint’s expertise that spans two decades, and we work with hundreds of educational institutions. Today, more than 21,000 customers worldwide trust AvePoint to protect and manage their Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 data. Our 100% SaaS platform comes with the service levels, scale, and security features your users, IT department, and security teams need to have confidence in your cloud investment.

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