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Updated White Paper: Streamlining Microsoft SharePoint Deployment with DocAve Deployment Manager

​In the case of SharePoint deployment, many organizations are frequently caught in the snares of trying to find a time and cost efficient way to transfer services and customizations from testing to production environments. DocAve Deployment Manager helps ease this pain.

In the newly updated AvePoint technical whitepaper “From Deployment to Production: Streamlining Microsoft SharePoint Deployment with DocAve Deployment Manager”, the deep dive into DocAve’s capabilities to simplify and further automate SharePoint’s out-of-the-box deployment goes even further.

With DocAve 6, Deployment Manager has new features and functionality that further ease the propagation of customizations and design elements as well as abide by the best practices for deployment as prescribed by Microsoft for SharePoint.

New features of Deployment Manager include:

· Deploying a single site to multiple sites, drastically reducing the time and man power necessary usually needed when performed manually

· The ability to copy or distribute content from one source to multiple destinations within the same live or scheduled deployment plan, further simplifying and automating the solution deployment process

As Deployment Manager continues to revolutionize the way administrators are able to streamline and automate the SharePoint application lifecycle from deployment, testing, and through to the production stages, AvePoint continues to seek new and innovative ways to create technical and business-related content to help you maximize SharePoint’s value for your organization.

Click here to read the updated white paper. Want to try Deployment Manager yourself? Download a free 30-day trial.


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