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Introducing DocAve Online Service Pack 2

​As Microsoft Office 365 continues to take off, AvePoint continues the tradition of rapid updates and innovation maintained since the launch of DocAve Online launch in April. DocAve Online ensures that organizations can focus on the benefits of Office 365 and not get bogged down in the administration woes that can potentially come with such a business-critical system. I’m proud to talk about this month’s latest and greatest updates to DocAve Online on behalf of the talented team here at AvePoint.

DocAve Online registration page

We’ve listened to feedback and ideas from the community, and are happy to announce the following updates:

Report Center

AvePoint’s enterprise-class auditing capabilities are now a part of DocAve Online. Existing customers will be upgraded automatically and enjoy the benefits of this new feature right away.

Screenshot of Compliance Reports in DocAve Online

Screenshot of Report Center in DocAve Online

While native auditing abilities in SharePoint Online allows you to see what’s going on at the site level, it’s missing the “big picture” perspective. What’s happening across the entire tenant? What was a user’s activity across multiple sites, lists, and libraries? Are there changes or patterns of change that could be of interest? DocAve Online allows for the collection and presentation of information on who accessed, deleted, and modified content as well as settings and security across an entire SharePoint Online tenant. You can then export reports to a local system or publish them directly to SharePoint libraries for analysis by a librarian, compliance officer, or anyone else who might be interested in these types of reports.

SkyDrive Pro

Many organizations are moving their users to the cloud with Microsoft SkyDrive Pro service in Office 365. As SharePoint My Sites have shifted to the cloud in the form of SkyDrive Pro for organizations using Office 365, the need to back up business users’ documents can oftentimes be as critical as backing up a team site. DocAve Online now fully supports the ability to backup content to any of our storage locations with powerful granular restore capabilities giving your users the confidence that their content is as safe in the cloud as it is on premises.

SkyDrive Pro storage in DocAve Online

Storage Support

In addition to our support for cloud storage platforms including Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Box, and SkyDrive Pro, we understand that some organizations that have strict compliance or regulatory policies require a copy of SharePoint data to remain on-premises, and others simply want the peace of mind knowing there is a backup stored locally. DocAve Online can now connect to storage devices over Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) networks. This flexibility allows customers to determine which platform is the best for the content being backed up. For instance, you could map personal SkyDrive Pro to Box accounts, while all Project Site content is pushed to an on-premises storage location.

Enhanced Permissions Management

Through the DocAve Online Administrator interface, you can now temporarily grant access to Team and Project sites to users and groups. Permissions will automatically expire according to the date you enter, ensuring that temporary users only have access when they need it and not a minute longer.

Screenshot of temporary permissions assignment in DocAve Online


If you’d like more details on these exciting new features, you can schedule a demo by contacting our sales team. As DocAve Online’s features continue to expand, stay tuned for future product updates. As always you can register for a commitment and credit card free, 30-day trial at


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