Introducing DocAve Analytics for SharePoint

Post Date: 11/12/2012
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​Our AvePoint Labs team has been busy building a new Windows 8 app specifically targeted around our existing DocAve Report Center data. I personally love where Microsoft is going with the new Windows 8 Modern UI (Yes, I preferred the “metro” name but you can’t fight everything!). At AvePoint, we’re always looking for new ways to present information to users and we knew we had very powerful information generated by our Report Center product. The launch of Windows 8 at the end of October and the huge mass of new hardware for business users will mean a rapid adoption of Windows 8 operating system and the new Modern UI. The goal of this app is to present information in a clear way to the users who are accountable for site collections to better maintain them as well as make quick business decisions with the data at hand. The screenshot above illustrates how we have a Windows 8 Tile representing each site that the user chooses to add to their dashboard. The Tile has three indicators that represent storage usage, site activity, and page traffic respectively. The bottom number is the cumulative total for each indicator, and the top number is the total for that day. These tiles can be pinned to the new Windows 8 start screen. When the user touches or clicks on the tile, the user sees a more detailed graph showing these three key metrics. The black line is the current month’s activity, while the yellow line is the trend data collected by DocAve Report Center over the last 6 months showing the typical trend for each day plotted on the graph. You can touch or click on the graph and see actual numbers for that point in time. This information allows accountable business users to get a great overview of the site and quickly answers questions like “How much storage do I have left?”, “Are people still collaborating on content in the site?”, “Are more people visiting my site now?”, and so on. In the example above, the black lines are not sitting within the yellow thick area. What does that mean? The user would be alerted in their tile because it is outside the trend threshold. This threshold can be adjusted as shown by the “Manage Threshold” charm settings. If the user swipes or scrolls from right to left, they will see the Most Active Documents panel. The Most Active Documents is based on the site activity captured by DocAve Report Center, and shows the documents with the most activity in terms of edits, check-ins, publishes, and more. This allows users accountable for site collections to answer questions such as “What content is being collaborated on right now?” The screenshot above illustrates another view that shows all the checked out documents within the site. This is a common view that people collaborating in sites want to know how many checked-out documents do they have, and who has checked out documents the longest. This allows them, as accountable users of the site collection, to chase after those who leave documents checked out for too long, which prevents others from seeing changes made or editing the documents themselves. The app will be available for demonstration on Surface RT devices at SharePoint Conference 2012 this week in Las Vegas at the AvePoint booth (#417) – so please come check it out! Not at SPC? Watch our video on DocAve Analytics!

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