4 Ways AvePoint EnPower Can Scale and Transform Microsoft 365 Administration

Post Date: 03/10/2022
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While collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 have become a critical resource for organizations, behind the scenes IT struggles to align it with their operational needs.

In Microsoft 365 the “all or nothing” permissions framework gives IT admins global, broad access to the tenant and services, creating complexity on how to control and secure. While this may be convenient, it’s not necessarily a benefit.

The reason? Large organizations with sizable amounts of sensitive data — as well as big IT staffs and perhaps outside contractors — run the risk of compromising their configuration, policies (say, a junior admin unintentionally making changes that go against company policy), and compliance.

The result? Organizations locking down admin privileges to a select few and stretching those valuable resources with requests that already have logical administrators.

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AvePoint’s new EnPower solution is designed to avoid these pitfalls by helping IT departments not only identify and scale customized permissions in Microsoft 365 but to also analyze user behavior to help colleagues work smarter and more safely.

Across one or multiple Microsoft 365 tenants, businesses can rely on AvePoint EnPower to streamline elements that are critical to efficiency and improvement. Here’s what it can do:

1. “Right-sizing” Microsoft 365 Admin Duties With Granular, Purpose-Driven Permissions

Organizations put themselves at great risk by giving all admins access to everything within a Microsoft 365 tenant. By breaking apart how permissions can be set up and giving select IT admins access only to the things that are essential to their jobs, it’s easy to deliver secure collaboration from an administrative standpoint.

What might this look like? With AvePoint EnPower, your company can set an IT admin’s access by service, function, and scope. That could be based on a business unit, region, or by the primary application they’re assigned to manage (i.e. SharePoint Online or Teams).

AvePoint EnPower also allows admins to create a tiered system for their help desk groups based on the sensitivity of a given task, such as resetting a user’s password or clearing out inactive SharePoint sites. You can get even more granular: an IT admin could be given permission to create Exchange mailboxes but not delete them or put a litigation hold in place following a directive from the legal team.

2. Boosting Adoption and ROI Based on the Needs (And Behaviors) Of Microsoft 365 Users

Despite the major growth of Microsoft 365, many businesses lack detailed insights into usage patterns so they can’t understand if their investment is being maximized — especially across multiple tenants. AvePoint EnPower offers IT admins a centralized dashboard to learn critical data about the preferences of your users and determine organizational impact (or shift it, if necessary).

AvePoint EnPower can identify which apps, features, and even SharePoint sites your users leverage the most, helping leadership make appropriate adjustments to increase adoption and level up. You can also dive deeper by application and discover which users leverage features such as Microsoft Teams calls, SMS, or chats. It can also uncover the quality of a connection.

For businesses managing multiple tenants — whether due to a merger or managing offices across continents — AvePoint EnPower can consolidate the tenants into a single view. This helps admins more easily manage multiple tenants in one place and control who has access to which one while ensuring everyone has the correct access and visibility across the organization.

3. Operational Efficiency with Actional Insights

Beyond answering questions around how your organization is leveraging M365, we’ve surfaced critical data points that IT admins need visibility into every day. And we’ve gone one step further by allowing the same admin to jump into the detailed root-cause and take action.

4. Centralized Admin Activity Monitoring for Real-Time Auditing

Typically, audit logs and job information are dispersed and hard to access across tenants and services. This makes it tough for IT admins to evolve their approach and improve weak spots. With AvePoint EnPower, you can streamline how you gather and access admin logs across Microsoft 365 by centralizing all audit and job information in one location.

As a result, your admins can get right to the root of why a job was unsuccessful or review in bulk to see if any trends need remediation. As digital collaboration proliferates, the responsibilities for IT teams have at once increased and become tougher to manage. Knowing what works (and what doesn’t) is key to enabling safe, speedy, and harmonious collaboration.

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