Hey Cloud Governance Customers, Your UX Upgrade is Here!

Post Date: 09/13/2019
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We’re excited to announce that the Cloud Governance end user experience (UX) is being overhauled, resulting in a fresh new look! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and are confident you will find the new, modern interface more intuitive, easier to navigate, and rich with opportunities to get your organization’s message and guidance integrated into the application.

Understanding that a UX change can potentially impact operational flow, we are going to be rolling out the changes gradually across AvePoint Online Services (AOS) tenants to allow for testing prior to a hard cut-over. The phased roll-out will progress as follows:

May 2019 Insider Tenant Release:

Current end-user functionality will be redesigned and available in the Insider Release tenant. This means that the Insider Release tenant will have the new UI with feature parity to their current experience. If you have any questions on what the Insider Tenant is, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative or Account Manager.

July 2019 Market Tenant Release:

Current end-user functionality will be redesigned and available in the Market Release tenant (this is the tenant you are likely using in production). This means that the Market Release tenant will have the new UI and feature parity with current end user capabilities.

While the new UI is available in the Market Release tenant, we will not force your cut-over. You will be able to create test service requests within Cloud Governance and use those test service requests with the new UI to get a feel for the new experience and create any necessary change management materials for your business.

OPTIONAL: At this point, an “Update UI” option will be provided so that when your organization is ready to cut-over to the new end-user UI, you can do so.

September 2019 Market Tenant Release:

Following our normal release cadence, there will be another release in the month of September. As with the July 2019 Market Tenant release, this release will not force a cut-over to the new UI and will give your organization another release cycle to test or make the optional transition to the new UI.

November 2019 Market Tenant Release:

In this release, the new UI will be officially cut-over by AvePoint. This means that AvePoint will enable the new UI across ALL production tenants and service requests.

The new user experience will have parity where appropriate with their current functionality in Cloud Governance.

Please take note of these upcoming changes and plan for the cut-over accordingly. As always, AvePoint is here to support you. Should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our Customer Success Team or your Account Manager.

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