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Post Date: 04/03/2017
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For several years, our teams have been involved in organized local outreach events.  To build on the success of our global outreach program, we wanted to take things to the next level to leave an even bigger footprint and truly make an impact. That is why I am excited to announce the official launch of AvePoint Philanthropy!

Our mission with AvePoint Philanthropy is to impact humanity and drive change through three main pillars that encompass our company-wide giving: technology, community, and education.

Technology: We’re committed to donating our software and services to causes and non-for-profit organizations to help them achieve their mission. Last year, we teamed up with and Microsoft to fight back against human trafficking victims in ASEAN countries with the help of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The portal was developed in conjunction with Microsoft and was originally announced at United Nations’ regional conference in Bangkok discussing Combating Human Trafficking in Asia. is the first ever crowd funding platform to fight against human trafficking. The solution utilizes technology to crowdsource funds to aid victims – including costs for safe accommodation, medical or legal assistance, the return travel, education or skills development, job placement, or help establishing a small business.

Community: As I mentioned earlier, our global offices have supported their local communities through volunteering, partnerships, and donations. Some of our volunteer initiatives include volunteering at local soup kitchens, partnering with The Salvation Army, animal shelters, donating blood, running in charity races, and even teaching kids how to code! We also offer our employees half days on a quarterly basis to volunteer with a charity of their choice. Many individuals have taken this opportunity to donate time and money to causes near and dear to their hearts.

Education: Being in the software industry, we’re passionate about educating people around the world on the benefits of technology. This past winter, our very own CTO, Dux Raymond Sy teamed up with WordHelp to teach students about web and cloud-based technologies in Uganda. I had the opportunity to sit down with Dux to hear about his trip to Uganda and how life changing the experience was for him. Not only did he work with friends and his local community to raise money and furnish several laptops and equipment for the trip, he also created a web design program and built out labs and exercises for a local boarding school. It was amazing for him to meet such wonderful people who were happy and grateful for the entire experience. Dux met one student in particular who will continue teaching students and let the program live on. Please visit Dux’s recent blog post on lessons learned during the trip, and how you can help!

What’s Next?

Last month, we kicked off AvePoint Philanthropy and hosted our very first happy hour benefit event in Bellevue, Washington with over 45 Microsoft executives, partners, and community members. All proceeds for the event went to three local charities: Mary’s Place, Girls Giving Back, and Gates Philanthropy Partners. Girls Giving Back hosted a raffle, and raffled off premiere bottles of wine and a wine tasting. Girls Giving Back were able to share their mission and work with a captive room, and got commitments for new volunteers to help out with future projects. We’ll be launching similar events in the coming months in our Arlington, Richmond, and London offices.

Through these initiatives, we are very excited to get involved on a bigger scale and make a real difference in our communities!

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