Why You Need a Better Azure AD Disaster Recovery Strategy

Post Date: 11/09/2022
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The rapid shift to the cloud has made our digital data more important than ever. We know a data protection strategy is critical to protect these valuable work assets, but how many of us plan for worst-case scenarios – cyberattacks, system outages, accidents – as part of this strategy?

Despite improving IT systems, one in five organizations report experiencing a “serious” or “severe” outage (resulting in significant financial losses, reputational damage, compliance breaches, etc) in the past three years. Learn why you need to invest in a better Azure AD disaster recovery strategy to ensure your assets are protected, whatever circumstances may occur.

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Bottom Line

Even when working in the cloud, worst-case scenarios happen, and business disruptions can cost you time, money, and data. That’s why you need a disaster recovery plan to prepare for and counter scenarios that may bring your business to a halt and cost you valuable uptime.

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