In AvePoint’s Own Words: Levi Lohnes

Post Date: 01/20/2012
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This guest post is from Levi Lohnes, Vice President of Inside Sales at AvePoint, in the levi.jpg"In AvePoint's Own Words" series. Please read our kick-off post for more information. I had the fortunate opportunity to attend my first AvePoint Management Summit this past month. Not only did I get a good idea of where we’ll be a year from now, I have a much clearer picture of where we will be five years out. It was impressive to see some of the best minds in the industry meld their passion, vision, and goals for the future to help best serve the global SharePoint community. And that’s what impacted me most during the management summit: The SharePoint community leaves an indelible mark on everything we do here at AvePoint every single day. The truism that John Donne extolled 400 years ago and Ernest Hemingway referenced 350 years later is still relevant today: No man, person, organization is an island unto itself. We need each other to grow, prosper, and triumph over the expected norms of today. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the AvePoint family. As part of this family, we all play an integral role in raising and nurturing DocAve, as well as its upcoming siblings such as Governance Automation. Whether we’re the teacher, brother, crazy uncle, overprotective aunt, or otherwise, we all play our own part in ensuring our solutions meet the needs of the global SharePoint community. We can’t do it alone, either. We recognize and value the community’s continued contribution to our company – customers, partners, critics, competitors … we value them all. And that’s where our focus continues to lie – the community. We weren’t making toasts and patting ourselves on the back for another great year at the summit. Instead, we were talking about the community we serve, how we can serve them better, and how we’re better as a whole –as a community – for it. ​

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