Saturday, January 16, 2021


Hosted by

Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft MVP & Regional Director

S4 E6: Diversity + Inclusion in Tech with Abadesi Osunsade

Learn how Abadesi started the Hustle Crew to help tech organizations overcome their biases to become higher-performing and more inclusive.

S4 E5: Tenant to Tenant Migration at Ordina with Jo Geeraerts

Find out how Ordina justified, executed, and measured the success of combining two Microsoft 365 tenants with 2,000 users and 12 TB of data.

S4 E4: Microsoft Teams Adoption at UF IFAS with Joe Gasper and Dewayne Hyatt

Learn how Joe Gasper and Dewayne Hyatt worked with 90 research centers and 67 county governments on their Microsoft Teams adoption.

S4 E3: Employee Engagement with Microsoft 365 at Spinnaker Software w/Helen Behm

Hear how Helen moved from pointing employees to information to empowering them to access it through a SharePoint intranet portal and Yammer!

S4 E2: Service Modernization at City of Seattle with Dan Lewis and Robb Landis

We talk to Dan Lewis about his journey from Microsoft to the City of Seattle where he and Robb Landis accelerated their Microsoft 365 and Teams deployment across 39 departments from...