Monday, October 26, 2020


Hosted by

Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft MVP & Regional Director

S3 E6: Office 365 at Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services with Eric Brown

Hear how FDACS has successfully adopted Microsoft Teams and how they collaborate with other agencies that have separate tenants.

S3 E5: Microsoft Teams “Triage” at Bala Consulting Engineering with Matt Ezold

Learn how Matt Ezold helped Bala embark on its Teams journey a month before COVID and had to accelerate adoption overnight.

S3 E4: PowerBI, PowerPlatform at Trek Bikes with Steve Novoselac

Learn how Steve Novoselac has helped Trek Bikes’s modern workplace evolve over the last decade as a serial early tech adopter.

S3 E3: Scaling Office 365 at the State of Indiana with Vanessa Williams

Learn how Vanessa Williams and her team are supporting 100 agencies and 36,000 users within a central Office 365 tenant!

S3 E2: Microsoft Teams Adoption at McLean Bible Church with Matt Pugh

Click here to learn how a first-hand account of how Microsoft Teams has been used to mobilize volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.