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Understanding Cloud Hybrid Search and the Cloud Search Service Application

I’m back fresh from Seattle where I presented a couple of sessions at SharePoint Fest Seattle and, both in sessions as well as casual conversation, people were talking a lot about “hybrid.” And with good reason. It’s well understood that many customers will not be able to move their SharePoint deployments fully to Office 365. For some, there are compliance regulations or concerns around the cloud. For others, their deployments may not move easily due to heavy customization or workloads that are not yet available in Office 365.

So what is Hybrid anyway?

hybrid deployment, as it pertains to SharePoint, is the state of hosting some content and/or services running “on premises” while some other content and/or services are running in Office 365. The messaging from Microsoft is that if you’re a customer that is unable to move everything to Office 365, a hybrid architecture is a great way to take advantage of the latest innovations from Office 365 (Delve and the Office Graph, for example) while remaining on premises.

One of the key scenarios for hybrid deployments has been integrating Search between on-premises and Office 365 environments, and things have just gotten a lot more interesting with recent announcements.

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