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Metalogix Is For Sale & We Are Launching Our Switch Campaign.

Metalogix Switch Campaign Blog Series :

Metalogix Is For Sale & We Are Launching Our Switch Campaign

If you haven’t already heard, Metalogix has put their company up for sale. If you are using any of their products, this potential change in ownership could have a significant impact on the continuity of your IT processes and policies for SharePoint and Office 365.

We want to make you aware that you do have options…and were offering you the ability to be proactive and consider protecting both your previous investments and the continuity of your business. Learn more.

Introducing the Metalogix Switch Campaign

Starting today, we will offer exclusively to Metalogix customers the choice to switch to comparable AvePoint solutions without incurring additional product licensing costs through the duration of their current Metalogix contract (up to a year for AvePoint Online Services customers).

AvePoint’s customer success team will also be at your call to ensure your transition is smooth sailing.

Your total yearly spend will not be impacted AND you will have ensured the future of your Microsoft investments with a four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year with 24 x 7 live customer support and a product roadmap that is committed to enhanced capabilities and future enhancements.

If you have ever considered transitioning to AvePoint, or you’re concerned with Metalogix’s future direction, there has been no better time than now to make that decision. This offer will be valid for qualified customers through March 30, 2018*.

Come learn why over 16,000 organizations have already chosen AvePoint solutions and explore the possibilities of managing Office 365 with a 100 percent SaaS solution or hybrid solution that is unlikely anything available to you today with Metalogix.

Learn More About the Switch Campaign.

*Contingent on proof of purchase from Metalogix and on the acceptance of AvePoint’s Master Software License and Support Agreement.


  1. How/Where did AvePoint hear that Metalogix is “up for sale?” After searching, I haven’t found any supporting information to this claim. Please provide some substantiation. Thanks!


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