Doc Ave Introduction

Central SharePoint control, with security & scale

DocAve is your IT team’s best friend. No action goes un-audited, the help desk feels empowered, and your business owners get just the level of control and insight they need.

Secure data

Backup and data protection provides anytime access no matter your issue—malware, natural disaster, user error, and more

Modernize infrastructure

Migration to Office 365 or the latest SharePoint versions keeps you on the latest and greatest technology

Scale IT

Operational control lets you implement changes to settings, configurations, permissions, and information architecture

Save money

Improve data quality and enable tiered storage to save on storage costs and work more efficiently

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Going cloud? We've got you covered!

If you're considering a shift to Microsoft Office 365, or are already half way there, take our Cloud First approach to hybrid management. While DocAve supports cloud content and features, AvePoint Online Services, our SaaS platform, keeps you up to speed with the latest Microsoft 365 advancements for Teams, Groups, and more, automatically.

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SharePoint Backup & Data Protection

We've been backing up SharePoint since 2001. We're the best in the biz, offering the most complete platform protection and most flexible granular restore for minimal downtime and data loss. Satisfy the most stringent SLAs for recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Watch: DocAve Backup and Restore in action Visit the Backup & Restore page

Minimize SharePoint data loss

Schedule platform or granular backups as often as you need, or enable a warm stand-by for disaster failover

Recover faster for less downtime

Restore and access here, there, and everywhere…delegate restore operations to a Help Desk, or centrally manage

Security & control

Backup data is encrypted by default. With central control set, manage, and monitor your operations, rest easy

FLY Migration

Migration & Consolidation into SharePoint

Move, migrate, and restructure within or across SharePoint tenants. Take or leave content, customizations, workflows, solutions, permissions, and metadata.

Migrate content from legacy platforms including Livelink, Lotus Notes, eRooms, and Documentum.

Learn about our expert Migration ServicesVisit the DocAve Migrator page
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Operational Management & Control

Central or delegated administration of permissions, information architecture, content replication, reporting, and solutions help scale your IT team to easily manage one or many SharePoint farms.

Watch: Administrator in action

Reduce SharePoint admin costs

Centrally manage SharePoint permissions and configuration tasks. Report on and fix issues in bulk.

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Enable security & policy enforcement

Resolve policy violations and report on or repair unauthorized security settings or configuration changes as they occur.

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Move & restructure SharePoint content

Move, restructure, sync, and publish content, customizations, workflows, and solutions on demand, or on a schedule.

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Real-time or scheduled replication

Keep SharePoint content synchronized within or across farms, so your users are always working with up-to-date assets.

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SharePoint Storage Optimization

Data storage costs represent up to 3.8% of global revenues, and users waste up to 60% of their time searching for, or recreating work. Regain control of your enterprise content and storage with AvePoint.

Watch: Connector in action

Connect & conquer

Connect, then manage file shares directly from SharePoint to avoid costly migration projects. Blocked file types, large files—you name it, we connect it.

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Lower storage costs & optimize performance

Move the bulk of your data, such as BLOBs, to lower-cost storage. Reap the performance benefits and cost savings.

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Automate lifecycle policies

Seamlessly create and apply lifecycle policies. Keep only what you need with rules to identify, move, archive, or preserve old, irrelevant, or record content.

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Scalable & flexible to support any deployment

If you have SharePoint, you need DocAve. Organizations across the regulatory landscape, including US Government institutions, rely on DocAve. We enable IT teams to gain control and scale to support multiple SharePoint farms, without impacting the user experience.

Central command

Managing lots of hybrid environments or on-prem systems can be a headache. We’ll give you central control, and the tools

Built to scale

No matter how many servers you must handle across hybrid environments, our architecture will expand to meet your needs

So flexible

DocAve can be hosted on your local servers, or deployed in cloud VMs, just like Azure or AWS for even more flexibility

We’ve all got needs…

DocAve will cover most of them in one place

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Products on the DocAve Platform

Administrator Icon


Centralize and automate changes, and manage settings, configurations, and permissions in bulk at any object level to eliminate tedious tasks.

Archiver Icon


Intelligently archive and automate content lifecycle management for files, mail, items, conversations, and more, based on custom business rules.

Backup & Restore Icon

Backup & Restore

Protect and restore with backup of SharePoint and Office 365 and restore items with full fidelity and recovery. With platform level protection and granular restore, meet SLAs with ease.

Connector Icon


Share file shares and cloud storage safely and securely to unify your enterprise content.

Content Manager Icon

Content Manager

Centralized control to manage, move, and maintain business-critical content within or across environments with minimal business interruption.

Deployment Manager Icon

Deployment Manager

Test and deploy solutions and templates across environments with accuracy and speed.

File Share Archiver Icon

File Share Archiver

Enable content lifecycle management for file shares. Move content to cool storage to cut costs, improve data quality, and maintain discoverability.

File Share Navigator Icon

File Share Navigator

Remove barriers, enhance enterprise-wide content management, and global collaboration with a single point of access that removes content size and location limits.

Replicator Icon


Sync changes to item, list, libraries, and sites across SharePoint and Office 365.

Report Center Icon

Report Center

Create detailed and customizable reports on performance, usage, and security across SharePoint and Office 365.

Storage Manager Icon

Storage Manager

Extend SharePoint storage beyond SQL databases to tier storage, cut costs, and optimize performance.