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Uniting citizens & cities

Proactively solve problems for your constituents before they even occur. By integrating IoT-connected devices with Azure Machine Learning, governments can analyze, adapt, and make predictions about future events through data from those connections.

All digital

An integrative, unified information system that lets anyone, anywhere access data, log an issue, attach photos and info too.

Very responsive

Automated case routing directly to response teams, based on location and availability, to give them instant access to information and resources.

So intelligent

Automatic device triggers and map integration help direct personnel and resources to exactly where and when they're needed, in real time.

Proactive IoT

Internet of Things integration, coupled with machine learning, helps proactively solve citizens’ problems before they occur.

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Citizen Services: Connecting government and citizens

Modern services #goals

We offer strategic solutions that automate case management and incident reporting. Field officers, operational centers, and citizens can input and manage requests from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Always on-the-go

Citizens can submit and track service requests, and interact with city workers directly from their mobile device.

Central dispatch

Aggregate incoming requests through a central management console before assigning tasks to the appropriate response team.

Service insights

Report on incoming requests, response times, and more, to improve resource allocation, planning, and satisfaction.

Predictive analysis

Use Machine Learning to analyze incoming service requests, predict future requests, such as street light outage, to fix problems before they’re reported.

Webhooks integration

Extend Citizen Services with webhooks to tie into common applications.

Citizen Services: Connecting government and citizens

Built Microsoft tough

AvePoint Citizen Services is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, built on the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies—including Azure Machine Learning, and Windows 10.


Citizen Services is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure. No installs, no servers, nada. And you get automatic updates too!

Power BI

Interactive dashboards let management and dispatch teams quickly gain insight into requests, and narrow them down.


Integrated within IoT devices, so service outages like downed poles and traffic lights will automatically trigger a request.

Machine learning

Allocate resources and avoid complaints with predictive request analysis—whether manually or automatically submitted.


Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Migration, management, security and governance best practices you need for life in the cloud!


Don’t leave your Citizens hanging.

Connect with them anytime, from anywhere, with Citizen Services.