Are there unknown risks hiding in your M365 environment?

Get a handle on your collaboration security posture with a complimentary Risk Assessment.

Microsoft has made sharing easy. But how do you know whether your sharing is secure?

Users can share directly from files, from SharePoint, Teams, or even drop files in Teams chats. Almost every time this happens, unique permissions and maybe even anonymous links are created. Even if you’re enough of a PowerShell expert to understand global M365 permissions, how do you know if there’s an issue?

Measure your organization’s security and compliance risk with a data-driven rapid Risk Assessment.

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What's in it for me?

First, you'll get a complimentary sit-down with one of our M365 experts, who will discuss your concerns, walk you through our security reporting tools, run your risk assessment, and provide recommendations as to where you should focus your attention.

Next, we'll unlock a fully functional version of AvePoint Insights, so you can take a closer look at the areas of concern that were highlighted in the risk report. In a nutshell, you'll get:

  1. A 30-minute consultation with a technical expert
  2. 15 days of insider access to AvePoint Insights
  3. An easily sharable Risk Assessment Report
  4. Personalized recommendations for risk remediation
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What's included in the report?

Part of AvePoint Insights, our Risk Assessment Report quickly summarizes changes to your environment, in addition to identifying and prioritizing high-risk items that require further action. Easily sharable, this PDF report can be used as a benchmark to track progress over time. Quickly find out:

  • Who has access to sensitive data in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • With whom data has been shared.
  • Whether sharing this data poses a risk to your business.
  • What data external users can access, specifically? Plus, how your level of risk is evolving over time.
  • Which documents have been shared with a particularly large number of people (or even the entire company).
  • Which Teams contain shadow users.
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Okay, then what?

Once you have the Risk Assessment Report in hand, you'll have 15 days to dive deeper into the data using our proprietary security reporting solution. With AvePoint Insights, you can easily identify who has access to sensitive data, if they've accessed it, and whether any external users pose a threat. Define what risk means to you, and then rely on Insights to answer critical security questions about your Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrives.

Along with Insights, AvePoint Policies takes the findings from the Risk Assessment and puts them into action, making it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, external sharing, and more.

Securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive has never been easier.

Partner with AvePoint. Deliver Business Resilience with Confidence.

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Complimentary Risk Assessment Offer