10 New AvePoint Cloud Updates for May 2022

Post Date: 05/13/2022
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Collaborate with confidence with these new AvePoint Cloud updates! AvePoint’s Confidence Platform, powered by AvePoint Online Services, enables transformation, governance, and compliance of SaaS applications and data for control, fidelity, and resilience. Keep reading for an overview of the top updates across the AvePoint Cloud, and be sure to log into the Account Portal for how-to videos, user guides, release notes, and more.

Control for Governance

Enable governance with control of your collaboration policies, access, and lifecycle.

avepoint cloud governance

Cloud Governance

What’s new in Cloud Governance?

The insight-driven renewal process continues to bring guidance directly to workspace owners so they can make informed decisions when validating workspace ownership, classification, and permissions. With this release, Cloud Governance will now display risk details during the renewal process, ensuring owners are always aware of high-risk content in their workspace. Admins will now have a single view into requests submitted via Cloud Governance with a new request report. The new request report consolidates existing request reports from the classic admin center into a single request report and integrates with report permission groups to help scale operational management while also enforcing security.

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avepoint policies


What’s new in Policies?

This release offers new tenant-level setting enhancements, focusing on underlying support for admin-level activities in Exchange, Azure AD security groups, and other privileged settings. Additionally, you can now match defined groups with security groups in Azure AD, and admins can now customize email templates for notifications sent to end-users for each rule and add comments to provide additional context and insight. Plus, rules for admins and policy creators can now be separated out from those sent to end-users who created the violation.

avepoint insights


What’s new in Insights?

While Insights has focused on risk surrounding external sharing, sensitive information is often shared with “anyone within the organization with a link.” With this release, Insights offers a quick view of files shared with “everyone” under the exposure tab, making it easier to see content that may not have been over exposed yet, but stands a possible risk. You can now pin users as favorites on the dashboard. Plus, when reporting on external users, all users of a domain can now be targeted. Risk analysis reports are now easier than ever to navigate and offer more context by highlighting the existing sharing settings for all workspaces, and risk-summary reports can now be imported from dashboards into Excel files.

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AvePoint EnPower

What’s new in AvePoint EnPower?

AvePoint EnPower continues to enhance delegated management capabilities across key Microsoft 365 workspaces to address daily operational requirements. New filters enable users to find the objects they need quickly, and new features enable batch management for Teams, Groups, Users, and Exchange Online: edit memberships, apply Teams sensitivity labels, block archive mailboxes, manage user licenses, and calendar delegation— all in bulk! Plus, AvePoint EnPower now offers support for Exchange mail users and mail contact management. This release also provides additional actions, conditions, and options to allow further automation of cloud operations with new workflows to support user onboarding and offboarding, lifecycle management, and detection of potential compliance and risk concerns.

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Fidelity for Transformation

Move, consolidate, and transform data across collaboration platforms with full data fidelity.



What’s new in Fly?

Teams 1:1 and group chat migration is here! Migrate one-on-one chats, group chats, and meeting chats across Teams with the new Migrate Teams Chats option.

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Resilience for Data Protection & Compliance

Ensure business continuity and compliance.

avepoint cloud backup

Cloud Backup

What’s new in Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365?

The ReCenter end user recovery portal is here! Alongside AVA, ReCenter empowers users with self-service recovery of their personal, lost content in Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. With ReCenter, end users can easily locate their content with advance search and quickly restore without burdening IT. Plus, admins can maintain oversight and control over who can access the portal.

cloud backup for salesforce

What’s new in Cloud Backup for Salesforce?

Restores are now up to 10X faster with new, more focused restore options. Plus, when building a new environment or synchronizing production Salesforce tenants with sandbox environments, out-of-place-restore for metadata now makes these new builds even faster! New audit record preservation options are available, as well as new UI options to allow Salesforce orgs to be renamed in the Cloud Backup interface, which will come in handy when working with multi-tenants or sandbox orgs. And, if you use Salesforce as a case management solution, new search fields are now available making it easier to locate a deleted record when running a restore.

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cloud records

Cloud Records

What’s new in Cloud Records?

Enhanced search capabilities! Term management search has been extended to now include descriptions and rules. Build, save, and share a search profile with a configured group of users so that this becomes their standard search profile, enabling a more consistent, accurate, and relevant search experience! Search results can now be exported into an Excel file, new search criteria now enables users to search by physical record template type, and metadata columns can now be configured to easily sort search results. Plus, when moving documents to a new location, you can now maintain the existing classification term of the document or adopt the classification term of the destination.

The Physical Records Explorer now has a new dashboard. The dashboard displays the total number of physical locations configured, locations with the largest volume of content stored, physical records requests, and overdue physical records. Plus, loan requests have now been extended to boxes, so users can now request boxes in the same way they do physical folders. In addition, new manual approval process updates let users assign approval tasks to a site collection owner rather than a named user or group, ensuring a seamless review process even as roles shift within an organization.

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avepoint confide


What’s new in Confide?

Watermark files to prevent leaks of critical project files and deter users from sharing sensitive files. Leverage pre-defined templates to expedite projects and clone and save custom templates to build personal project libraries. New search options allow you to use project-specific key terms to find files fast! New inline task management features are available for sensitive deliverables and requests, and enhanced Insights data now provides admins with additional real-time insights on project health and intelligence data, such as user-specific insights that drill down to what documents users have or haven’t opened, enabling you to gauge their interest and engagement. Beyond M&A deal rooms, Confide is purpose-built for high-stakes external secure collaboration.

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avepoint elements

MSPs, We’ve Got You Covered!

AvePoint Online Services for Partners (AOSP) is now Elements!

Elements simplifies multi-tenant management by providing you with powerful building blocks you can easily incorporate into your managed services practice. This update comes with our commitment to strengthen your growth as an MSP as you build up and expand your service practices and navigate through the evolving needs of the modern workplace

What’s New in the Elements Platform?

Elements now has a new, centralized Resources hub where you can download Fly Server and get access to other useful AvePoint cloud product resources. New ConnectWise integration updates make it even easier to configure, edit, and search ConnectWise company mappings. Detect suspicious activity with the Suspicious OneDrives report on the dashboard and OneDrive Ransomware Monitoring report on the Next Gen Directory page to be alerted of any unusual OneDrive for Business activity within Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 so you can quickly identify potential risk and build ransomware resiliency strategies for your customers.

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