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Business re-combinations are disruptive. Many fail to hit their stated cost saving and revenue-generating targets within the first 5 years. But, they're also here to stay. Partner with AvePoint to respond faster, and with less risk. We help with your collaboration consolidation onto Microsoft 365, so your users can get back to work faster, and drive critical innovation for your new organization.

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M&A Transformation with AvePoint

Reduce time to value

Best practices state that cost saving measures, including technology consolidation, should happen within the first 18 months. With rapid discovery and seamless transformation, we get you to your new collaboration experience faster.

Decrease transformation risk

Our team of experts plus best-practice technology reduces project risk. Ensure all users, content, and even permissions are appropriately organized in your collaboration destination.

Better together for productivity and innovation

Microsoft Teams delivers the ultimate collaboration experience. Consolidate your new organization's workspaces on Teams with AvePoint to get to rapid digital collaboration, fast.

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Solutions to support you every step of the way

Whether you are at "Day 0" or playing catch-up to your M&A goals, we can help. Our range of solutions facilitates everything from discovery to complete concierge services.

On-demand webcast: One Team, One Dream, One Collaboration Environment

License discovery >>

Understand Microsoft 365 license allocation and usage across all your tenants.

Content & user discovery >>

Where does your content reside? Has it been accessed recently? Is any of it sensitive? What external users should be migrated?

Streamline collaboration transformation >>

Easily consolidate multiple tenants, and even multiple clouds into Microsoft 365.

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Ongoing operational success & optimization >>

While the project to consolidate your collaboration will have an end date, AvePoint solutions can stay in play to help you optimize your ongoing operations and continuously improve.

Robust data protection >>

Automatic backup and unlimited storage and retention allow you to bounce back fast from user errors, ransomware, and more.

Concierge services

Get a helping hand from our team of experts. We'll guide you through your project, or get our hands dirty and lighten your load.

M&A Webcast

One Dream, One Team, One Collaboration Environment

How to launch a stunningly successful Microsoft 365 migration in 5 simple steps


Products & Services to support your M&A Collaboration Transformation


Quickly understand license allocation, usage, and budgets across your Microsoft 365 tenants. Centralize or delegate controls to assign, edit, and remove entitlements for your global user base.

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Policies & Insights (PI)

Find, prioritize, and fix security exposure across Microsoft 365. Understand where guest users have access, and what sensitive business data must be securely migrated.

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Discovery content across your cloud and on-prem sources. Then, built-in best practices guide you to optimize your project and prevent data loss during your migration.

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Simplify your users collaboration experience. Provide them with a one-stop-shop to all their Teams, Groups, Sites, and Communities, directly from Microsoft Teams.

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M&A Transformation (MAX) Concierge Service

Our team of experts are standing by to guide you through your transformation, every step of the way. We've supported dozens of business combinations and can help ensure success for your new organization, too.

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