We’re Just Being Supportive

AvePoint knows everyone could use a helping hand. Whether you’ve got questions about installation, found a glitch in the system, got locked out of your account, or need a little moral support, we’ve got your back. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your AvePoint investment—just don’t ask us for relationship advice.


Portals of AvePoint

The gates are now open! Access everything AvePoint in our new customer portal.


Pick up the phone

Call anytime, any day! Just dial one of the numbers listed below and you’ll instantly be connected to a member of our support staff.


Submit support tickets

It’s easy. Just fill out the online form, upload error logs and images, press submit—and voila!


Shoot us an email

Need an update on your existing support ticket? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

All things AvePoint. All the time.

AvePoint is continuing to invest in customer success. Our aim is to give you a one stop shop for everything AvePoint! Login to submit or monitor support requests, and access the latest AvePoint content – including e-books, webcasts, and user guides!

Speak to our experts directly

Customers with premier maintenance can call us 24/7!
If you’re on other maintenance contracts, feel free to give us a call during your business hours.

Phone support

United States/Canada: Toll free - +1.800.661.6588 (option 2)

Australia: +61 3 7019 2458

United Kingdom: +44 207 421 5199 (option 2)

Singapore: +65-6692-9028

Germany: +49 89 219098900

France: +33 3 58 28 89 59

Sweden: +46 8 535 270 43

Switzerland: +41 44 532 39 00

Netherlands +31 70 7011100

Belgium: +32 2 895 4404

Other Worldwide: +1.201.793.1111 (option 2)

Web support

All web support requests, such as submitting tickets and uploading error logs, are now centralized in our portal. Please access the portal to create an account or sign in!

Email support

Email support*: support@avepoint.com

*Email Message Service is only available for updates to already existing cases.

Get a resolution quickly:

When contacting technical support, please be ready to provide the following information so we can better assist you.

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Product
  • Client and Server Versions
  • SharePoint Version
  • Maintenance Level

Response times & ticket severity


48 Hours

  • Minor issue, which does not impact production environment.
  • Documentation error that does not directly impact a job on production.
  • Feature or suggestion for enhancement.


24 Hours

  • An issue effecting production environment at a minor level.
  • Very limited direct impact on operations.


4 Hours

  • An issue effecting production environment at a major level.
  • Production environment is operational, but DocAve activities are limited.
  • Long-time adverse effects can lead to productivity being hindered.

Very High*

2 Hours

  • DocAve activities on production environment are completely inoperable.
  • Major restoration or project is at a mission-critical state.
  • Severe impact on business operations.

*We recommend calling us for an immediate response

Maintenance & support services

Let our experts take care of managing the software we build. We provide timely, reliable service so you can spend your time focusing on other projects.

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View Our lifecycle policy

AvePoint is committed to supporting your technology investment according to the included Lifecycle Policy.

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